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🎯Beautiful themes in children’s literature

When it comes to children’s books, we usually look for a moral or a message that kids can get from them. It might be just about understanding their family and friends or being kind or just about being themselves. All these and many more come under different themes in children’s literature.

First books are generally simple. Emotions like joy, love, fear, etc that make us human can all be inculcated in a story. But when a book has many themes blended together they turn into favourites!

Here is a list of themes that you can easily come across in children’s books:


Illustrations are also a wonderful theme in books. There are books with no text and just pictures. Those books encourage kids to use their own words and form a story and they tend to love it. Haven’t you heard a toddler just make up something when he/she looks at their favourite animal in a book 😊

There are many more themes under fiction to explore and all of them are wonderful.

Here are some examples from some of our favourite fiction books to get you thinking:

  1. “The hungry caterpillar”, shows growth and development from an egg to a butterfly and some foods and days of the week for kids to pick up easily.
  2. “Room on the Broom”, portrays friendship where animals help the witch to find her lost things and save her from the dragon.
  3. “Guess how much I love you” shows love and how deep it can be and how to express your love to others.
  4. “A patch of black” portrays the fear of a child and how turns into a world of whimsical fantasies. This book helped Eira move into her own bed with less fears to no fears at all.
  5. “Aliens love underpants” is full of humor and imagination where aliens come to earth only to get everyone’s underpants.

Introducing more themes to your kids makes them understand their emotions as well as learn about others emotions as well. They tend to understand and adapt to the characters and try to follow them in real world.

Do the above listed themes relate to any of your kid’s favourite books?


21 thoughts on “🎯Beautiful themes in children’s literature

  1. The hungry caterpillar was really good.. I enjoyed it reading too. The numbers of fruits the caterpillar ate were something good to play with kids. I often gave humour and peace genre of books to my kids.. They enjoy reading t.

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  2. The hungry caterpillar and the room on the broom are wonderful reads for kids. I thoroughly enjoy reading children books for the very reason that each emotion is explained so beautifully.

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  3. Aayera had started reading Room on the broom n use to think she is also a witch and walk around the house with a stick in hand….it ws an interesting phase of her and she often adopts to the character she is reading.

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  4. I absolutely love the sweet yet simple way you explain things , your blog has a very positive aura . I just want to keep reading different blogs here.

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  5. Lovely post. The kid loves reading and I have bought some cute little story books, some I got as review copies. Recently, I bought two books: Aesop’s Fables and Panchtantra Ki Kahaniyan, and I was surprised and disappointed how violent most of the stories are. I feel new stories by new writers are more sensible and sensitive. Thank you for sharing. Adding them to our TBR list.

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  6. What an informative post. Saved it for later. You are so right about the themes about d i feel we should expose our kids to each ine of them and not just happy and fun books. They need to know about other emotions too like sadness, fear, etc and how to express these.

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