Kokum Mojito Mocktail 🍹

Mojitos are one of the best drinks ever. The refreshing flavors of lime and mint in them are extraordinary. This is a quick mojito recipe with an Indian twist of kokum to intensify the flavors and makes it perfect for a hot summer day.

What’s in my kokum mojito?
It has easily accessible ingredients from your kitchen which are regularly available and can be made in no time!

For one serving.
50 ml Kokum syrup, ⁣
5ml lemon juice⁣
20 ml sugar syrup, ⁣
1 sprig of mint, ⁣
5gm of black salt, ⁣
300 ml of soda⁣

Muddle the leaves mint and lemon juice together in a glass. Add salt, sugar syrup and kokum syrup to it. Mix it well and top it up with club soda. ⁣

⁣Kokum mojito is a perfect body coolant. It’s our family favourite and kids can enjoy it as much with added benefits for health.


9 thoughts on “Kokum Mojito Mocktail 🍹

  1. Hey, I really don’t know that we can use kokum syrup. Being a malvani kokum is a mandatory ingredients in our kitchen pantry. Thanks for the simple recipes. I am going to try it now.


  2. Wow…I love having juices, shakes, and other mocktails during summer. I will try this one as well as I had heard about this syrup but haven’t tried this at home.. Thanks for this recipe.

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