My Happy Thoughts – Affirmations for Moms!

Being a mother is rewarding and a wonderful experience in itself. The first touch of your baby, their toothless smiles to their first walk and their non-stop chatter and screaming at their top of their voices. Those sleepless nights, tantrums and wailing can be overwhelming sometimes. It is all a big mix of complex emotions of joy, exhaustion, love, worry and much more that we Moms feel.

It’s not wrong of wanting a break sometimes or just having a cup of coffee all by your own in the comfy corner of your house or sleep for late hours in the morning without worrying about breakfast after an all-nighter. If we happen to do that and choose ourselves over our kids for once, mom guilt appears. It hovers over you for long telling you that choosing your kid over yourself was the right thing to do. If you happen to go a bit far while disciplining your child, if you happen to cook a bit late or if you’re just tired and feel like running. But you won’t! Those are just thoughts that come to you when you’re tired and overwhelmed from it all.

All we need is some positivity that we are doing our best as a mother but you’ll agree with me when I say that our kids won’t affirm us on a daily basis and especially when we have a meltdown. So it’s high time that we affirm ourselves and get some positivity in our lives. But won’t it sound silly to say something to yourself? Not at all! A study conducted by Cargenie Mellon University, USA showed that self-affirmations improved and helped college students’ performance when they were under stressful situations.

So let’s get started with 20 positive affirmations that we moms must remind ourselves daily.

1. I am doing my best as a mom and that is enough.
2. I am exactly who and what my kids need.
3. Whatever I do today will be enough.
4. My kids love me inspite of my flaws.

5. I am worthy of everything.
6. I will b calm and peaceful under pressure.
7. I do not live for other’s opinions and I do what is best for me and my kids.
8. I am grateful.
9. I can make my kids laugh and keep them happy like no one else.
10. My kids know I love them because I express myself to them.
11. I will embrace the here and now.
12. It’s okay to ask for help.
13. I am capable of amazing things.
14. This too shall pass.
15. It’s okay to want a break from it all.
16. I am doing a good job.
17. Every challenge I face makes stronger as a mother.
18. I will take care of my mind, body and soul.

19. I am a good Mom.
20. Happiness is my choice.

I’m sure you all are going to feel better and revived in no time. Let me know in the comments below if you have some of your own affirmations.

This blog is a part of #LBWP – Let’s Blog with Pri, Season 2.

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