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Food Challenge – Patoli

When I was choosing themes for #MyFriendAlexa , I asked my family to help with a few blog topics. My husband came up with Food Challenge. “Make a sweet recipe using a green” he said. I liked the idea but then was puzzled at what should I make for it. My mom-in-law came to my rescue unknowingly when she sent me some fresh turmeric leaves from her garden. I had found my answer. PATOLI. How could I have forgetten Patoli!! If you’re a Goankar you know how delicious this recipe is and if you’re a Maharashtrian, you might find this recipe very similar to “Ukadiche Modak” (Steamed Modak).

Patoli is a traditional recipe made by Goans and Christians on 15th August which marks the feast of “The Assumption”. Turmeric leaves add a unique taste to this sweet and your home will be filled with its beautiful aroma when you cook them.

Turmeric leaves become readily available in local markets in Mumbai in the month of August. But this year nothing being normal we did not get them. Finally our taste buds were satisfied this month and I had something special to share for Blogchatter as well.

So let’s get started with Patoli…

15 Fresh turmeric leaves (haldiche pan)
1/2 kg Rice flour
1 full coconut grated
100gm Sesame seeds
7 Cardamom’s powder
150gm jaggery
1 1/2 cup of water
1 tbsp oil
Salt to taste

Cut the stems of the turmeric leaves. Wash and drain them well.
Roast the sesame seeds and roughly grind it. Mix the grated coconut, cardomom powder, sesame seeds and jaggery. Heat it until the jaggery melts and keep mixing it well.
Make this filling ahead of time and let it cool.

Let’s move onto making the rice dough (bhaagvat). Heat 1 and half cup of water. Add salt to taste and 1 tbsp of oil. When the water boils, start adding rice flour and stir at the same time. Keep doing this process until you use all of the flour. Keep mixing it well and turn off the heat. Leave it covered for a while and then knead the dough using very little water.

Now let’s do the dressing and filling…
Take a leaf and keep it upside down. Take a ball of dough and with wet hands start spreading it all over the leaf. There should be a thin coat of it all over.

Now add the filling in the centre line of the leaf. Make sure you add a good amount. Now close the leaf from one side to the other and pack it up firmly from all sides.

Heat up the steamer and when the water boils, place these filled leaves in the top colander and steam for around 15 minutes. You can place alot of them on each other depending on the size of your steamer.

When the color of the leaves change , they are ready. Remove from the strainer and cool.

Peel the leaf and Patoli is ready to be relished!

You can place some turmeric leaves in the steamer while steaming modak and you will be surprised at how the flavor enhances.

With this post I am taking my blog to the next level with Blogchatter’s #MyFriendAlexa and you can find all my posts for the theme “Food love” under the hashtag #seemabwrites .

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31 thoughts on “Food Challenge – Patoli

  1. Thank you so much for introducing me to this lovely looking Goan traditional dessert – Patoli ! I had only heard of savoury dishes being made using leaves for steaming .

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  2. Wow interesting. I had never heard about this dish before. Looking like an interesting one. Thanks for sharing recipe dear. Will try this for sure.

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