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Coke Chicken Wings

For my last blog on #MyFriendAlexa I’m going to share an appetizer that will be ready in no time and will leave your family finger-licking for sure. Kids will especially love it as this chicken appetizer will be mildly on the sweet side just like Teriyaki Chicken.

People who own a proper BBQ prepare it in a very interesting way. They open a coke can and add some fennel seeds (saunf) to it. Place a seasoned chicken with salt and pepper/chilli powder over it and barbeque it until it is done. You will be surprised at the amazing flavor that the BBQ chicken gets due to coke and fennel seeds.

Photo from Pinterest

I tried to bring this recipe into an easier and quick way onto the kitchen stove. My family digged in the first time when I made it and since then it has been a family favourite.

So let’s make some Coke Chicken Wings…

Chicken wings 500 gms
Fennel seeds 2 tbps
1 onion chopped
1 tbsp ginger garlic paste
1 tbsp chilli flakes ( add more for spiciness)
Tomato chilli ketchup 1/4 th cup
1 tbsp dark soy sauce ( I always use Lee Kum Kee brand from Amazon)
Few tbsps olive oil/butter
Coca cola 250ml

Season the chicken wings with salt and pepper. Now in a pan add some olive oil or butter for more flavor. Add the chicken wings and shallow fry them on both sides until they are almost done. Do not cook completely as they will cook again in the gravy. Add the ginger garlic paste and give it a good mix. Sprinkle the chilli flakes over the chicken and give it a stir. Now remove it and keep it aside.

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Take a deep bottomed pan and heat some olive oil. Add the chopped onions and saute. Add fennel seeds and fry them well. Now add the chicken and mix well. Now you can add more chilli flakes if you want to make it a little more spicy.

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Add coca cola to the pan. It will bubble and froth up but do not worry. Mix it all well.

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Add tomato chilli ketchup and soy sauce. Cook the chicken in the sauce completely. You can choose to keep the chicken with gravy. Keep cooking until the gravy reduces and sticks to the chicken.

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Coke Chicken Wings are ready to be served! If you have some pineapple pieces handy, after taking out the chicken from the pan, add the Pinepaple to the same pan and let it fry well and mix it with the remaining gravy. You will have some BBQ pineapple as well on the side.

Coke Chicken Wings with Pineapple This image belongs to
and reuse is strictly not permitted.

For vegetarians, try this recipe with shallow fried or deep fried potatoes.

With this post I am taking my blog to the next level with Blogchatter’s #MyFriendAlexa and you can find all my posts for the theme “Food love” under the hashtag #seemabwrites .

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16 thoughts on “Coke Chicken Wings

  1. I m vegetarian but the recipe is looking really interesting. I m sure non vegetarian people will love it. Can we create a veg version of it?

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  2. Wow, firstly Coke Chicken Wings dish is new to me and the way it has come in the last picture, I am surely going to grab the plate. It looks simple method to cook, shall try it out as every alternate weekend I try new chicken dish.

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