Tilache ladoo (Sesame seeds laddoo)

Tilache ladoo is a traditional sweet made during Makar Sankrant and shared with everyone it the special day with the words saying “Tilgul ghya, God god bola…” meaning have the til ladoos and speak sweetly just like they taste.

This powerful seed other than having a distinct nutty flavor is a powerhouse of organic minerals especially calcium which supports a great deal in bone health. That’s exactly why Sesame Seeds made it to the list of ‘Foundation Foods’ in the diets related to Osteoporosis. A quarter cup of sesame seeds has more calcium than a cup of milk.

White sesame seeds

Sesame gives great texture to baked goods, in used in sushis and is used to make tahini to use in making hummus. Sesame butter is also loved by many and a sprinkle of freshly toasted sesame seeds can add an amazing flavor for to your salad.

These til ladoos are made specially during these winters to keep our body warm. Sesame seeds have alot of benefits while the addition of peanuts and coconut adds an aromatic flavor and the sweetness of jaggery to bring it all together makes it great for an after meal healthy piece of dessert as well.

Black sesame seeds

I have used white sesame as well as black sesame. Black sesame has more calcium content than the white ones but is a bit pricey. You can also go with only white or only black ones as per your choice.

White sesame seeds (Safed Til) 1/2kg
Black sesame seeds (Kale til) 1/2kg
Peanuts 1 cup
Half a dry coconut.
Jaggery (Chikki ka gud) 1kg
2 tbsp ghee


Dry roast both the sesame seeds. Make sure they are cleaned nicely before roasting. They should not be over roasted over these seeds can taste burned. We.roast them only to enhance their nutty flavor.

Dry roast the peanuts. Make sure they become crisp.and do not remain soft. Once cooled peel them. A gentle rub between your palms will do the magic.


Grate the dry coconut and then dry roast it too. This should also be roasted until golden brown and then run it between your hands to make it fine. Pulse them in a mixer grinder to get big chunks of peanuts instead of powder. You can even powder them if you like.

Grated and roasted dry coconut

Jaggery should be used in equal amount to sesame seeds. I’m using jaggery which is known as “Chikki ka gud” in Maharashtra. This jaggery will be easily available in winters as it’s the season for all sorts of ladoos and chikkis. You might have noticed the difference between the jaggery that you bring home for kheer and the jaggery that you taste in a store bought Chikki. Any grocer or supermarket will definitely have it. This jaggery is easy to use whileaking ladoos and the binding is so much better and easier.

Jaggery ( Chikki cha gul)

In a heavy bottomed pan, heat 2 tbsp of ghee. When heated add jaggery and melt it all while stirring it. Make sure it does not burn. Stirring continuously will make sure the jaggery is heated and melts evenly while leaving no over cooked or burned parts at the bottom of the pan.

Once the jaggery is melted, keep stirring until it gives you get a syrup kind.of consistency. Now add both colored sesame seeds, crushed peanut dry coconut. Stir all of it well and then turn off the flame.

It’s time to make ladoos. The mixture for these laddos should not be cooled. You have to start moulding them right when it is hot.
The trick to do this is to take only a little mixture out of the pan and keep it completely covered. Apply some ghee to your palms and take a small mixture according to the size of ladoo you want and start moulding. Be a little careful while handling the mixture. Do not use water at all while moulding. Only use ghee after every few ladoos.
Air dry them for a few hours. To maintain their shape you might have to rotate them in a plate. An activity that your kids can do and enjoy.

Tilache ladooThis image belongs to
and reuse is strictly not permitted.

Your til ladoos are ready. Make these ladoos all year around to reap it’s benefits.

Tilache ladoo
This image belongs to
and reuse is strictly not permitted.

Makar Sankrati Chya Hardhik Shubhechha🙏🏻
Happy Makar Sankrant🙏🏻

23 thoughts on “Tilache ladoo (Sesame seeds laddoo)

  1. Happy Makar sankrati dear. loved your post. I did not know that black sesame seeds are more nutritious that white one, this year, will surly try black sesame seed laddo. thanks for sharing recipe dear.

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  2. I absolutely love til laddoos but haven’t made them myself yet. White and black til are making them look so yum! Sankrant is gone but am definitely going to try making them now.

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  3. Till k ladoos are my son’s favorite during winters. His grandmother makes these especially for him. There’s something special about homemade ladoos. I wanted to learn how to make these but never got a chance, thanks for this recipe, I am bookmarking it.

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  4. Happy Makar Sankranti. I found use of black sesame seeds a variation from the ones available in the the market. Definitely makes it more nutritive.

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  5. A very happy Makar sankraman the ladoos looks great super delicious😋😋😋 for this festive season definitely trying this out and it’s healthy too

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  6. Tilgud looks delicious Seema. Thanks for sharing the recipes. We make tilgud once the winter begins. It is very healthy and nutritious too. As a lactating mom, til has become a staple in my diet. Also, black til is indeed better than the white one.

    Liked by 1 person

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