Charlie And Her Spot

A while ago, Eira had a project from school to write her own story with a little help from parents. At the end of the day, at bedtime, we got into talking about it and a little story was framed.

Then came along the StoryTeller’s Blog Hop and with a little hesitation, I participated in it to do something that I’ve never done before. Write something in fiction. So here I am, sharing that story with some tweaks to go along with the prompts but not losing the innocence that my 6-yr old has added to it.

It was just another day. Charlie was sleeping while her Dad came along to wake her up for school. With a kiss, he carried her to the bathroom. Charlie was a sweet girl. No fuss, no whining, she used to wake up every morning with a big smile for her Dad.

Dad had made her favourite sandwiches for breakfast. After all, it was Mom’s birthday. Charlie got ready, picked up her favourite picture of Mom from her dresser and took it downstairs at the breakfast table. She placed some lilies near the frame which she had bought last night just for Mom and sung happy birthday. Dad smiled and asked her to hurry up for school. Charlie enjoyed the sandwich and left for the school bus.

Charlie lost her Mom a year ago. Then being just a 5 year old it was difficult for her to understand what had gone wrong but her Dad made sure that he played the role of a mother and a father in the best way.

On the school bus, Lola had saved a seat for Charlie. She had some big news to share. “Charlie, come along, I can’t wait anymore!” Lola said. Then she whispered into Charlie’s ear, “I’m going to be a big sister soon.” Charlie was very happy for Lola but it reminded her of the conversations that she used to have with her Mom.

Charlie was a very loving girl. She loved little babies and unlike other kids, she had started to ask for a sibling at a very young age. A companion who will always be with her unlike Lola who goes home after school and comes on playdates only once in a week. But with Mom gone, she knew nobody else could bring her a baby. Her companion!

Dad stayed home from work that day. He wanted to make sure Charlie was not upset and also wanted to celebrate Mom’s birthday with her. After Charlie came back from school, they both had lunch together and discussed what they were going to do in the evening.

“How about a movie and dinner at your favourite pizza place Charlie?” he asked.
“Maybe we can order in and stay home Dad”.
“You never like to order in. What’s wrong darling?”
“Today Lola told me that she is going to have a baby sister or brother. I remember asking the same from Mom before she went away forever.”
Dad welled up!
” Don’t you and I have a deal of not to be upset over Mom, especially on her birthday? How about we go to city park today and I’ll ask Lola’s Dad to bring her too and you both can play. Then we can go for our pizza”.
Charlie smiled.

That evening Charlie and Lola played together and while heading towards home, they heard a sound. Dad made out that it was coming from behind a tree in the park. Walking closer, Charlie found a little pup wailing. She carried the pup in her arms and they waited around for the Mommy dog but she was nowhere to be found. The pup seemed very hungry so Charlie and her Dad brought it back home.

The little pup was very cute. It was white and furry like snow and had a big black patch on his eye.
“Dad can I call it Spot? It sure lookes like one”
Dad smiled. He liked the name too. Charlie bathed and fed milk to Spot. She took good care of it. Spot even went to bed with Charlie that night and she read it a bedtime story too.

Next morning, Charlie had forgotten all about school and Lola. She also forgot about city park and Mommy dog. All she wanted to do was play with Spot. Dad reminded her that Spot needs Mommy dog and that they had to go and look for her.

So they carried Spot back to the park hoping to find Mommy Dog. After long hours of waiting, they had no luck and with Spot being hungry again, Charlie’s Dad thought it was wise to bring it home again for some milk.

They visited the park in the evening again, and a dog came running towards them. Spot jumped out of Charlie’s hands to go to that dog. It was surely Spot’s Mom.

Mommy Dog looked very sick and pale. It seemed like she’d not had food for days. Looking at them, Charlie felt sad. How could she leave Spot behind knowing that he won’t be alright. She couldn’t resist and asked her Dad if they could take Spot and his Mommy home for food. Dad agreed.

They took them both home. Dad also made sure to take Mommy dog and Spot to a vet. Charlie’s world had turned around. She had someone who would eagerly wait for her after ahe came from school who would play with her and stay with her no matter what. A few days later, Mommy dog’s health also improved.

Dad wanted to make some permanent arrangements for both the dogs but Charlie didn’t want to lose them. Dad knew about her feelings and decided to adopt Spot and his Mommy.

It was the happiest day for Charlie and also for Spot and that was just the beginning…

This post is written for StorytellersBlogHop FEB 2021 by Ujjwal & MeenalSonal.

69 thoughts on “Charlie And Her Spot

  1. Thats a cute and beautiful story. Yes, kids miss their mom’s presence on several occasions. Charlie seems a sweet girl. I am happy that she found her companion in the form of Spot.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Such a cute story seems. indeed pets are best friends for kids and they help in develop a sense of empathy and care in kids. I really like all the characters in story. they were felt so real. my both girls love puppy so much and always asked for having them as a pet but I always no to them. after reading your story think to giving a second thought to my no.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Aha! what a beautiful, emotional heart touching story of cute girl Charlie and her affection for puppy and mommy dog. At some places, when Charlie tells her dad about her conversation over a sibling with her mom, I swear it choked my throat; I must say you have brilliantly portrayed the emotions in your narration.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Asking for a sibling was the bit that I have personally experienced with my daughter from a very young age. I added that to make the whole connection between the search of companion for Charlie


  4. Such a sweet story with a happy ending, rather a brand new beginning, Romila!
    It’s tough to lose one’s mother at such a young age. Glad Spot & his mother will make Charlie’s life better. Pets are so lovable!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Such a sweet story with a happy ending, rather a brand new beginning, Seema!
    It’s tough to lose one’s mother at such a young age. Glad Spot & his mother will make Charlie’s life better. Pets are so lovable!

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Innocently weaved tales with a lesson on life make for the nicest reads. A very sweet story concocted by you and your daughter!
    I’m curious to know why you chose to use the names of already existing popular kid’s characters- Charlie, Lola and Spot? Was that a request of your daughter?!

    Liked by 1 person

  7. I absolutely loved this beautiful story weaved by Eira and you. It is such a pleasure to read stories about children and their love for pets.
    Kudos to you Seema for attempting this genre. You have nailed it indeed.

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  8. This story was cute, sweet and innocent but surely a very well written work πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜ŠπŸ˜ŠπŸ˜ŠπŸ’«πŸ’«πŸ’«

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  9. Such a heartwarming story this is. Did Eira write/imagine it? I loved how Charlie easily replaced her sadness with hope and love with Spot’s presence. She now has a friend and sibling too.

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