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Is Your Child Getting All The Vital Nutrition?

Right from the birth of a child, every parent is always on the lookout for the best. Healthy growth and proper nutrition are what they always have on their mind. Parents love to track the growth as it is an important indicator of how their overall health is shaping. There are many factors in nutrition that help in development. Your child might sometimes meet all the growth factors while sometimes slow down on them.

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There are several key indicators of healthy growth in kids like their weight, height, etc. and to keep them growing steadily the right nutrition from day one is very necessary. When a child’s growth is slow, a parent might feel disappointed but those measures need not always be the numbers of optimal growth. Some kids grow steadily right from the start while others reach their growth milestones slowly. Even a pediatrician is not looking for a major growth spurt but just a steady growth. If there is a sudden drop in health then that seems to be a red flag which needs to be considered and taken care of.

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Childhood is also a very important time for brain growth. Without the right nutrition a child may fall behind in cognitive development and this has its effects in later life too. Food is also a very important part of mental health. These are some of the reasons why monitoring growth in children’s peak years of development in India is crucial.
The slow growth in a child if taken very lightly can have some long-term effects. Sleep is another factor which gets hampered. It can also affect a child’s mental development and performance abilities.

Nutrition and growth go hand in hand
Good nutrition definitely helps in proper growth and development of a child. There are some nutrients that kids’ need to thrive on like carbohydrates, proteins, limited intake of fats, calcium, iron, essential vitamins and minerals, etc. All these are important for their bodies to function properly and for them to excel in their daily activities.

Healthy eating habits happen with time.
A parent can be concerned about their child not getting the right nutrition due to being a fussy eater or disliking some of the foods that are nutritious. Being worried is most certain but being consistent is important.

✓Train their taste buds right from the start. ✓Introduce them to all the varieties of flavors and you will be surprised how wide their choices can grow.
✓If your child doesn’t like a certain food then make sure a favourite of theirs is also served. A good mix served together which is not only appealing to the eye but also to their taste will help.
✓Try to plate their foods in an interesting way. You need not go all exotic for it. Khichdi and roti can also make good food art.

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✓Sit at the table or the floor to eat.

✓Children show more interest when they know how to cook. Little kids can be involved in no flame cooking and plating. This makes them feel involved. Making pancake and cake batter together, rolling puris and parathas and making ladoos turn into activities and promote healthy eating as well.

Kids making their own sandwiches for breakfast. Image courtesy Pexels

✓Keep kids active by helping them practice yoga, exercises and active play. This promotes a healthy body and mind while keeping them fit. It also increases their appetite and helps in digestion.

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✓Healthy yet tasty snacks should be offered between the major meal times to keep them satisfied. Whole wheat pancakes, dry fruit ladoos, various varieties of Chikki, flavored makanas or a glass of PediaSure in their favourite flavour make great snack options.
✓By being a role model ourselves, we can make them learn faster how to consume healthier meals. Have meals with your child.

I make sure that I give well rounded nutritious diet which includes fruits, veggies, grains and meat on a daily basis to my kids. Milk is another most important thing that should be included, as well. Even with all that we do, we cannot be sure that the intake of nutrients required for their bodies is completely acquired through the amount of food they eat. So, a health drink like PediaSure can help. It helps support immunity and brain development, along with healthy weight and height gain with its 37 nutrients. PediaSure is certainly a nutritious supplement for children.

With so many measures taken for the growth of children, we can still miss out on understanding their growth and if it is in the right direction. That is why it is important to monitor their growth.

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The Grow Right Tracker by PediaSure has made it super easy to do that. Just click on the link that will take you to the tracker and enter your child’s age, height and weight. You get a downloadable report that you can use to discuss with your paediatrician, or simply keep a tab. I have started using this and it has been quite a relief. As I said, growth and nutrition go hand in hand, hence monitoring it is essential and in fact the #FirstStepToGrowRight.

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this post are the personal views of the author. They do not reflect the views of any brand. Any omissions or errors at the author’s end does not assume any liability or responsibility on any party mentioned in the blog.

39 thoughts on “Is Your Child Getting All The Vital Nutrition?

  1. pediasure is a great brand and best way to fulfill our kids nutrition requirements. I had used this personally, when my girls were little and had a great experience too.

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  2. This is a question that plagues every mother at some time or the other. It is a challenge that kids get the right nutrition and in the right quantity too. Inculcating healthy eating habits early on helps in the long run.

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  3. Out of the 9 pointers you have mentioned, the first two are very important. Along with this, we need some supplements to make sure that they are getting the vital nutrients.


  4. pediasure is one of the best thing for our kids which we really need to focus… A post where we really need to put light on our kids healthy development.


  5. These are some great tips to ensure that kids get their daily dose of vital nutrition. Also I strongly feel that PediaSure is a great supplement for kids. It is less in sugar content and gives 37 essential nutrients.

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  6. You said it very right. Childhood is the age where the brain of the child develops and it’s important to gain proper nutrition ❤️✨

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  7. It is essential to get all the required nutrients to ensure proper growth of child. Iam not a mother but I being from health and fitness industry , I really recommend everyone to read this and give their child required nutrients.

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  8. It’s tough for parents to handle kids eating habits, and equally important to teach them how important is to have the right and healthy food for the right growth. Happy that Pediasure is helping us as parents!!

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  9. I am super curious to know the result of this 90 day journey that you and your kid will be taking wit Pediasure.The growth tracker is a good tool to objectively check the parameters of growth.

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  10. Just trust me these days the kids are also a bit naughtier than us. Even when a mother makes the best possible effort to feed them with quality food they love fast foods like heaven. How is Pediasure experience do share it with us

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  11. I make sure that my kids eat healthy and fresh food daily. Lapses, if any, are taken care of with Pediasure’s complete and right nutrition. This tracker is so helpful!

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  12. We mothers always worry about our kids nutrition and diet and what they have eaten and what not. I keep a tab on their diet and food intake and also rely on pediasure for the additional goodness of nutrition.

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  13. I agree with each and every point of yours. Nutrition and growth go hand in hand. Hence we must take care that our kids get all the right nutrition for their optimal growth.

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  14. Kids nutrition is very important because this is very crucial period for growth. And feeding kids very difficult task. Thanks for this article.

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  15. Getting the right amount of nutrition is so important for kids and for adults. And adding them as a balanced diet is the best way to get the right amount of nutrition. Definitely teaching the kids the healthy habits at proper times help.

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  16. Getting appropriate nutrition is indispensable for any child’s physical and mental growth. I am completely agree with your all points. With the help of your article I am getting lots of information.

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  17. The post is well explained. Nowadays young parents don’t pay attention at all. They introduce their children to fastfood. Just a little bit of effort can make a huge difference in your child’s health. Thank you for the ideas that you shared. ❤️

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  18. The post is well explained. Nowadays, young parents don’t pay attention at all. Just a little bit of effort can a make a huge difference. Thanks for sharing these tips. They are extremely helpful ❤️

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  19. I never give suppliments to my kids coz I feed them with natural resources fruits veggies grains etc. But I’ll give a try to pediasure . Very important blog to all parents 🙂 thnx for sharing dear

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  20. A balanced meal is a basic requirement for ensuring the growth and development of the child. pediasure definitely acts as a good accompaniment to the main meals.

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  21. I too noticed a big difference when I involved my five-year daughter in cooking and prepping for the meal she eats. This helped her in getting introduced to new textures and flavors and I loved how enthusiastic she was for all this. You have included all the important points in the post.

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