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A for Agamograph – Get Crafty #BlogchatterA2Z

What is an Agamograpgh?
Yaacov Agam, an Israeli sculptor was well known for his optical and kinetic art. Agamograph was his creation and named after him.

Yaacov Agam, Israeli Sculptor

He used something called”lenticular printing” to create agamographs. The process of lenticular printing is technical and very complicated. When artists and creators wanted to bring Agam’s work into classrooms and inculcate it into art, they interspersed and spliced together two designs to make them one. This makes it easy for kids to just color the designs carefully according to their choices and they have their own agamograph.

Remarkable work of Yaacov Agam

Agamograph involves the splicing and intertwining of two pictures. You can either create two pictures and then attach them together or use the printables, color them properly and then attach them together.
Since Eira was trying it out for the first time, I decided not to overwhelm her and use the printables from

Supplies needed
Oil pastels/crayons

This agamograph has a cute hedgehog with wild red mushrooms in one picture and falling leaves in another picture. Eira chose to use oil pastels as they bring out beautiful brightness. Also, remember to use contrast colors in the background to make them more appealing.

Lets get started,

  1. As there are two images intertwined together in the print, make sure to number the two pictures as shown in the video so that the child will not be confused and mistakes can be avoided
  2. Color one picture at a time to avoid confusion at shown in the video.
  3. Cut out the unwanted border around the picture.
  4. Now start scoring the picture. Use a ruler or a pointy tip of a toothpick to help mark the crisp folds on the marked lines.
  5. Start doing the accordion fold up to the end of the picture.
  6. Hold it firmly and then pull it apart. Your agamograph is ready.
  7. You can see two different images when placing the picture inclined at an angle on both sides.

We have created a video while making an agamograph to make it easy to follow the instructions.

Hope you enjoy it!

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  1. Wow, Seema, this is a brilliant take on Alphabet A for your theme. I learnt a new term from your blog today. In the coming vacations, I shall try these activities with Ayaansh too

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