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C For Color Mixing With Positive Negative Spaces – Get Crafty #BlogchatterA2Z

Crayons are an integral part of a child’s life. The first tool they use to apply colors. They learn primary colors, secondary colors and then more. Every child at some point of time mixes colors to see what the outcome turns out to be… Today’s art and craft is revolves around this same idea.

This art starts with making a stencil of any shape of your choice. Eira chose a leaf pattern. Make sure to not to make it tiny as the marking need to be colored later.

Positive & Negative Spaces
This concept is very interesting. The leaf or the shape that you choose is positive while the space left around or the background is negative. So the positive shapes are going to be colorful while the negative space is going to black. This gives a nice look of light-dark and colored-black.

Oil pastels
Black marker

Lets get started
1. Make a shape of your choice like a leaf, heart or a flower. Cut it out to use as a stencil.
2. On another paper, place the stencil and mark around with black marker to create the patterns. The patterns need not be complete and should overlap each other in many areas to make it more interesting.
3. Ask the child to identify the negative spaces first and color them black.

4. Our canvas is now ready to be filled with colors. Choose bright and beautiful colors and start coloring each pattern in different color.

5. Now the fun part, each overlapping pattern will have two colors mixed and form a new color. This can also be used to teach how primary colors mix together and form secondary colors.
6. Once all the patterns are colored, your piece of art is ready.

We have made a quick video to see how Eira created this art.

Hope you enjoy it!
This post is part of Blogchatter‘s challenge #BlogchatterA2Z.

4 thoughts on “C For Color Mixing With Positive Negative Spaces – Get Crafty #BlogchatterA2Z

  1. MY gosh. You are an amazing teacher. I wish I had seen your blog earlier….. I will definitely follow your advice and keep my grandchildren busy

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