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K For Kandinsky Art

When it comes to abstract art, Wassily Kandinsky is still known as the pioneer. He was a Russian painter and art theorist. He became famous in Germany in an art form called “Expressionism”.

So called Expressionists, use art to express their feelings. He was also very much inspired by color. He believed that color could convey anything even without an object or figure. He would often combine different shapes with different colors to see which felt most right, and he would paint certain colors next to each other to see how they would play off against each other.

“Square with Concentric Circles” is one of those color studies. He made several versions of this, always using loose brushwork and very bright, saturated colors.

I decided to go along with Kandinsky and explore the world of color with Eira. But since we have tried the concentric circles earlier, she wanted to try using the concentric circles in a different way.

Chart paper

Let’s get started

1. On the paper, draw a huge tree with along with many branches with a pencil.

2. Start making the Kandinsky circles on and around the branches. Let your child use crayons in all colors. We have a combination of 3 colors. Mix and match cool and warm colors to bring out the best.

3. Color the tree black, Make sure not to ruin the Kandinsky circles by running through them,

4, Use some colors in the background to highlight the art.

Your Kandinsky art is ready.

This is one of the easiest arts and can be enjoyed by kids any age. It is full of colors and can keep a child engaged for long. Once they get the hang of it, you will see them making Kandinsky quite often. Don’t forget to showcase it into their rooms.

Kandinsky Art by Eira. This image belongs to and reuse is strictly prohibited.

We have made a quick video while Eira was working on this project.

Hope you enjoy it!

This post is a part of Blogchatter’s challenge #BlogchatterA2Z.

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