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L For Laurel Burch Art – Get Crafty #BlogchatterA2Z

Now this is no ordinary cat. It was designed by the the famous Laurel Burch. One of her masterpieces which are printed on earrings, clothes, journals and in today’s times even on masks. Laurel Burch was an American artist, designer and businesswoman.

Laurel Burch.
Image courtesy Google

She used to design jewellery and sell it on the streets of San Francisco. Her designs were unique so some local stores started selling her jewellery too. Later she ended up going to China and there she came across the art of “cloisonne” which involves enamel work. She mastered it and made paintings and designed earrings using it. Later, she founded her own manufacturing company called Laurel Burch Inc.

Laurel Burch Inc products.
Image courtesy Google

Today we are going to try our hands on some of her fascinating work.

A4 paper
Oil pastels
Pencil and eraser

Let’s get started
1. Draw the Burch Cat
2. Outline the drawing.
3. Butch’s cat has square features on them. You can decide to make circles of triangles or spirals or a mix of it all. I leave all this with Eira and let her go along with her choices.
4. Choose multiple colors on the cat that will compliment each other and most importantly bring out the eyes.
5. Use an off colored background to make the art pop out. Eira has used a fluorescent yellow and that made it look wonderful.

Laurel Burch Cat.
This image belongs to and reuse is strictly prohibited

Your Laurel Burch Cat is ready!

The colors used in this art are extraordinary and that’s what keeps the kids interested. Bright hues make it look so attractive.

We have made a quick video while Eira was making the Burch Cat.

Hope you enjoy it!

This blog is a part of Blogchatter‘s challenge #BlogchatterA2Z.

10 thoughts on “L For Laurel Burch Art – Get Crafty #BlogchatterA2Z

  1. Reminds me of my childhood days. I will try drawing this cat. Thank you for telling step wise procedure. My drawing is really bad, but Eira did it so well.

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  2. I already enjoyed while reading…this activity is a part of development of Creativity…which is far better than involving into a digital game.

    Liked by 1 person

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