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N For Nature inspired ghost leaves art – Get Crafty #BlogchatterA2Z

Nothing like a walk in the garden early morning to feel right in the middle of nature and let children explore things on their own. Nature has so much instore for all of us that every little thing has so much to see and learn. There are so many things to do when you have ample of things to pick up from the garden but with current scenes, staying home is the best way of staying safe. So we decided to raid our home garden for some leaves and see where we can go ahead from there.

We have all at some point of time traced leaves onto paper with crayons. Those colorful impressions create such a wonderful piece of craft. But we wanted to take it a step ahead.

Some fresh leaves
White crayon
Drawing paper
Flat paint sponge

Let’s get started
1. Place the leaves under the paper and rub the white crayon over it. This will trave the leaf impression but you won’t be able to see it much. Overlapping of leaves is also fine. Dry leaves do not work as they tend to crush while tracing and leave marks on the paper. You can use leaves either from only one plant or a variety of them in the craft.
2. Keep moving the leaves and make sure the crayon impressions are made all over the place.
3. Now we have a white paper with white leaf impressions which gives a subtle look. Let’s move onto the next fun part.
4. Dip your flat sponge brush in the paint color of your choice and start painting over the paper. Your child can one color for the whole paper or mix some colors. As soon as your child will start painting, ghost white leaves will pop right out of the watercolors. You will be able to see the leaves alongwith their veins very clearly.

This image belong to and reuse is strictly prohibited.

5. Do not use too much color or rub onto the paper for long as the paper will soak in the color and tend to rip. Use a very light touch to get the desired results.
6. Once the whole paper is colored, let it dry for a minute or two.

This image belong to and reuse is strictly prohibited.

Your natured inspired ghost leaves art is ready!

We have made a quick video while Eira was working on this project.

Hope you enjoy it!

This post is part Blogchatter‘s challenge #BlogchatterA2Z.

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