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O For Octopus Wobbleheads – Get Crafty #BlogchatterA2Z

O for ocean and o for Octopus said my little girl. So here we are, sharing a craft from the deep blues. We wanted to give an extraordinary touch so Eira came up with the idea of creating wobbling heads for the octopus. An add-on that she learnt in her art class at school. I just went along with her idea and it turned out wonderful. This craft is great for some fine motor skills.

Colored craft paper
A4 size white paper
Pencil and eraser

Let’s get started
1. Draw the octopus head on colored paper. We used origami square papers here. Cut them out.
2. We used the leftover paper to make strips for the octopus’ tentacles. This way the leftover paper was also not wasted and also gave the craft a color combination.
3. Start rolling the stripes of paper from one end to midway for tentacles.
4. Draw eyes for the octopus on white paper and cut them out too.
5. Cut some stripes of white paper to make wobbling parts. Place them at 90 degrees angle of each other and stick them. Now start folding in the accordion fashion one over the other until you reach the end and then stick the end together with glue.
6. Stick the eyes on the octopus head and then the rolled strips under the octopus.
7. Draw some seaweed on green paper and cut them out.
8. It’s time to get it altogether. Take an A4 size paper and shade it with light blue crayon. You can choose to draw waves, or color in deep blue or shade it with multiple colors of blue.
9. Stick the seaweed. Stick the wobbling parts and then attach the octopus onto them.

Your Octopus wobbleheads are ready.

Octopus Wobbleheads.
This image belongs to and reuse is strictly not permitted.

This is such a fun craft and your kids will love how the octopus are popping right out of the craft and wobbling…

Octopus Wobbleheads.
This video belongs to and reuse is strictly not permitted.

We made a quick video while Eira was making this craft.

Hope you enjoy it!

This post is part of Blogchatter‘s challenge #BlogchatterA2Z.

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