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R For Robot Designing – Get Crafty #BlogchatterA2Z

Every kid is fascinated by robots. Especially when they are controlled by a remote. The look, the design and the idea of a robot following commands is what is attractive for them. George Devol, an American invented the first industrial robot called “Unimate”. They sold it to General Motors later. George Devol alongwith Joseph Engelberger a business associate, started world’s first robot manufacturing company Unimation.

First industrial robot “Unimate”.
Image courtesy Google

Did you ever ask your child what would a robot look like if they designed it? Not yet! Then it’s time get their thinking gears worked up.

Boxes, bottles, paper cups, matchboxes (whatever available)
Bottle caps, buttons, googley eyes, straws (whatever available)
Colored craft paper

Let’s get started
In the supply list, I’ve mentioned whatever material I could think of for the body and body parts of a robot. It totally depends on what is available and what your child wants to use. Eira used a Pringles box to make the body and a paper cup for the head. For hands, she used accordion folded craft paper and no legs as it’s supposed to be an auto-rolling robot.

She designed a meter to show that her robot is always high on charge and never runs out of battery. A dialpad to type in the password to make sure no one else can command her Robot “Betster”.

Robot “Betster” crafted by Eira.
This image belongs to and
reuse is strictly prohibited.

Let your child use their imagination and design any kind of robot thwy like. It might have a face or might not. They might design a robot who could play with them or help with their school work. Eira robot can also store her treasures inside ( as it’s a Pringles box😊) away from prying eyes. Cool right!

So what are you waiting for! Get them going…

Hope you enjoy it!

This post is part of Blogchatter‘s challenge #BlogchatterA2Z.

11 thoughts on “R For Robot Designing – Get Crafty #BlogchatterA2Z

  1. Betster looks so cute. Really very creative and innovative design by Eira, Kudos to her and to you for giving free rein to her imagination.

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