3 Brain-Training Game Apps Full Of Fun For Your Child

Since 2020, the whole world has gone online and so have our little ones. The exposure to screen even though if online learning is so much that kids are bound to try and find some entertainment as well on the screens.

Here are the gems that I found when Eira was 4 year old. All these apps have been tried, tested and enjoyed. So get ready to have some absolute fun time!

1. 1Line (Free App)


I’m sure you remember drawing an open envelope during your school days. The rule was not to redraw a line and not to pick the pencil until the envelope is done. Basically, the rule is to draw the picture with just one line. The app has so many levels and is an excellent yet interesting way to have a good brain exercise.

Eira loves this app and has completed many stages. It became more fun for her when her Dad got involved. Playing on two phones simultaneously and checking who is able to solve them faster is a great way to get a child interested.

2. Cut the rope free (Free App)

Cut The Rope Free

Om Nom is hungry and wants to have candy. But the candy is not easily available. Follow the adventurous levels and help cut the candy free from ropes and obstacles and help Om Nom relish it.

This is a super fun game which will keep kids engaged and scratching their brains. You will also find them jump off their seats when they actually get the candy. You will also find “Om Nom Stories” cartoon on YouTube.

3. Buttons and Scissors (Free App)

Buttons and Scissors

Cut off the buttons from the denim with the help of scissors. You can cut them only after matching 2 or more buttons of the same color and of no other colored button is in the way. You can select buttons only on the same horizontal, vertical or diagonal line. Cut off all the buttons to complete a level and do it in the shortest possible time to get a better score. Logical thinking is what your child will have to do to get this fun game going.

While there are many other games that you might find on the Playstore, these three have been stuck with us for more than 3 years. Make sure you try them as well and you will have a blast.

This blog post is part of the blog challenge ‘Blogaberry Dazzle’ hosted by Cindy D’Silva and Noor Anand Chawla

48 thoughts on “3 Brain-Training Game Apps Full Of Fun For Your Child

  1. Your post reminds me my childhood. I played all these games and still remember how my sisters and mom also joined me to play and compete each other.

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  2. I remember playing numerical games for brain training. And I still love to play that! Very nicely you have described the importance of brain games for the growth of a child’s maturity of brain.

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  3. These brain-tickling and training apps seem quite nice. It’s good that we can utilise the screen time in a better manner for kids as well. I Will surely check them out and I personally am intrigued with the buttons one.

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  4. Although I do not agree with too much screen time for kids, these apps are indeed a great way to make the best use of it. These games sound fun. I will surely forward your post to friends with smaller kids.

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  5. yes agree that with recent pandemic situation. we have become more dependent on apps and online sources for our kids learning. all these three app were new to me and these are looking really promising to me. thanks for sharing about it Seema, will check these out for sure.

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  6. Harnessing technology to bring alive old and new games through apps is a welcome trend. These apps, I am sure are great fun not only for kids but also for adults. Sandy N Vyjay

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  7. Wonderful app to keep the kids busy in mindful games rather than in exhaustive video games or endless video surfing. I want to check out more about these games before downloading. These scissor and button games seem very new to me; I will start my trial from this one only.

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  8. So, recently my son was introduced to the world of online games during one of his computer classes. Since then, he’s been asking me to let him play games on the phone. So, now he gets 30 mins of phone time to play games. It’s time to add some new games to his list. Thanks for the suggestions.

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  9. My kids too play a lot of interesting games on the device and at times even we get tempted to play them. The games you have mentioned are really nice and I will download them for my kids.

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  10. My grandchildren are older but they would have loved these apps. Screen time is not all that bad. I will surely pass this post on to ones with smaller kids.

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  11. This is such a cute list. My son has become interested in kids sudoku and something called blockodu, lately. These apps actually help with hand-eye coordination

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  12. I still used to to play Om Nom sometimes just to refresh the mind. Your list is very interesting and every game is so refreshing. I feel not just kids sometimes even parents should play it just to accompany the kids.

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