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Why Online Tuitions Are Better Than Offline Tuitions?

Every parent wishes the best for their child. We Indian parents take this up a notch, especially when it comes to education. We want our kids to give their best in their academics and score good marks. Along with the regular schooling and extracurricular activities, most of us also enroll kids into private tuitions.

Tuitions are also an ideal way for working parents to make sure their children get the extra attention they need in studies. Tuition centers support a student at a very intense and personal level.

But with constant waves of pandemic hitting mankind over and over again, kids are unable to attend even schools properly. If the alternative to schools are online schools, the alternative to offline tuitions are online tuitions.

Online Tuitions are Better than Offline Tuitions

Online tuitions are better than offline tuitions due to the following factors:

1. Efficiency in learning: While offline tuitions are all about learning only what is in the textbooks, online learning delivers lessons through interactive videos, games, real-life examples, PDFs and even podcasts for higher classes. These online learning materials offer a personalized mode of education. Kids become more knowledgeable about the world outside the textbooks.

2. Suits every child’s unique needs: Every child being unique has their own special abilities when it comes to learning. Some are visual learners while others prefer audio. Some concentrate better when alone, while others thrive in group studies. Online tuitions can be modified according to every child’s need to create a perfect learning environment for them.

3. Time and place flexibility: Kids don’t have to carry heavy bags to go to tuition in the online mode. They can learn from the comfort of their homes. The lectures can even be recorded for children to revise while doing self-study.

4. Quality of education: In offline tuitions, it is difficult to find best teachers near you. But, in online tuitions you can take classes from the best teacher across the country.

The best example of an online tuition featuring all these benefits is BYJU’S Classes, which is a comprehensive online tutoring program. BYJU’S provides live individual classes for students from grade 4 to 10. The classes are well-scheduled, based on the convenience of kids.

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The teachers at BYJU’S make use of live visual aids and cutting-edge technology to make learning more engaging and fun. They also have live doubt resolution feature, wherein a mentor stays online during the class and answers any doubts a student can have.

So, if you are on the lookout for the best online tuition for your kids, do check out BYJU’S Classes.

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32 thoughts on “Why Online Tuitions Are Better Than Offline Tuitions?

  1. I agree with all the points you have mentioned here and child can learn from anywhere anytime according to their needs. And, this is probably one of the best options they have in current scenario. But, I personally believe that social interaction is also needed for the all round growth and development. Yes, they are best but I believe that balance has to be maintained.

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  2. Yes agree dear with recent pandemic situation online tuitions are better option for kids as they stressed the reduce of going outside and also offer flexibility of time as per our individual schedule. my both girls’ are taking online classes since last years and we are having good experience with it.

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  3. Topic is very relevant to today’s time . Like my son doing his BBA from Paris but studying on line from Singapore only from last one year . Thanks for share dear!

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  4. Yes I do agree with all the points. Well writing article post. Children can learn from anywhere anytime else. This is probably one of the best options . Thank you for sharing and informing

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  5. I have heard a lot about byju’s classes. I am going to check it out for my kids. And yes in this pandemic situation it is necessary to do online classes rather than going for offline classes

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  6. Yes I do agree keeping in mind the recent pandemic situation that online tuitions are the ebst option for kids studies. You dont need to send them to tution classes and staying indoor they get to learn everything through online classes. But what that still remains missing in discussion and chatting with friends which I feel we all need it.

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  7. You are right with all mentioned points dear but offline tuitions also have some advantages which can make positive growth for any child.

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  8. I never knew that online classes have so many benefits. This guide looks helpful for all the parents who think that their kids are not studying properly.

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  9. I guess, online is very much in favour especially nowadays that most of us would tend to stay indoors with the Pandemic. It also provides convenience to both student and parents who can relax both feel more relaxed at home rather than having the need to travel more just to get home and rest.

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  10. Your points are really practical. Online tutions are helpful because of the time and place flexibility. The only thing is children can’t play and interact personally with friends.

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  11. We never took online seriously…but then Pandemic happened. Now all our children study online only. And children are much more comfortable with reference to time study and their mood. A bright future ahead for e-learning.

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  12. A few years back this would have been unthinkable. But we have to change with the times. Pandemic had made us change a lot of things. I have been hearing a lot about byju’s. Seems like the way to go.

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  13. I have a different viewpoint.

    Online classes don’t allow children to socialize the way they would in a physical classroom. I feel it is an important part of growing up. Time away from home and parents is also necessary to help children become independent and experience the world in their own way.

    However, online classes have been a lifesaver during the pandemic. Else, children would have lost years from their education. For that, I am truly grateful.

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  14. Online classes are the need of the hour and the kids have adapted very well for the most part. However, in a regular school physical interaction is a big plus which helps with their overall personality development. This is missing in the online classes even with innovative methods used. I feel a mix of online and physical classes can work wonders in the future.

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  15. All the points you’ve mentioned here are perfect. It’s true that kids can learn from any corner of the world through online classes. And another important point is that the kids can learn through different videos, games, podcasts and all. These make their learning more interesting.

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  16. Nowadays online tuitions are much favorable because of the pandemic situation. I totally agree with all your points. Byjus has been a game changer for online teaching even before this pandemic time.

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  17. I am on the fence about this. With the pandemic, there is no other option but to switch to online tuition. But it is really feasible in the long term? Particularly for smaller children. They do need personal interaction.

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  18. I agree with you here and I think online tuition are way more beneficial than offline. Even living in the UK, my daughter is able to take music classes from an Indian teacher.

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  19. In this pandemic we have come across online studies and to some extent we are loving it. So many hassles that we faced on offline studies are at bay. Good one.

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  20. With covid showering us with challenges, things like online classes kept our education continued. With evolution in form of education, Indian parents also evolved. From group discussions around the tution centre, Indian mommies went to discussions in watsapp groups. A group of mommies to share similar miseries, complain about teachers or maids, brag about their overachiever 5 year old and sometimes vent about husband and in-laws. Indian moms went from forcefeeding dahi on the first day of school, to sharing picture of their child attending their first online class. This evolution has been captured perfectly in a article
    at wordskraft. We would love if all the mommies here could read. Let us know which type of watsapp group mommy you are.


  21. I recently i am taking offline tuitions for my 2.5 yrs old. but yes! you have mentioned all the points so well. I’ll check out the app BYJU’S.

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