25 Ways To Teach Little Hands How To Conserve Mother Nature – Nature Conservation Day

Mother Earth has blessed humankind with abundant resources and we did our best to overuse and misuse it to the extent that all of it is either polluted or being scarce. World Conservation Day is celebrated internationally on 28th July to spread awareness and remind us about the best practices to protect natural resources.

Conservation of nature is very crucial as scientists have been tirelessly warning us about the mass extinctions in the near future. We need to bring major changes in our lifestyles and adapt to sustainable living. Involving our kids is also very imperative as they are our future and the ones who will be responsible for a better tomorrow.

Wondering how you can get your kids involved in loving and preserving nature? Here are some practices that you can introduce to your child that can be easily followed while making a huge difference.

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1.Turn off the faucet while brushing your teeth.

2. Take a bath instead of a shower.

3. Take only half a glass of water instead of wasting it.

4. Turn off the lights, fans and charger switches when not in use.

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5. Cut down on the use of plastic bags, cups and straws.

6. Carry lunch in a lunchbox.

7. Use metal bottles for water.

8. Carry your own water bottle when stepping out.

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9. Reuse vegetable scraps, fruit peels and egg shells and make compost.

10. Save aside vegetable scraps for broth while helping in the kitchen.

11. Self-serve food so that can be finished to avoid wastage.

12. Help in sorting garbage mindfully.

13. Donate old toys, books and clothes to orphanages.

14. Enjoy pre-loved books and toys. `

15. Waste less paper and reusing old books and printed pages for writing.

16. Go old style and being happy with toys shaped out of wood, clay and old clothes.

17. Avoid littering when stepping out.

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18. Use rechargeable batteries for toys.

19. Avoid loud music to limit noise pollution.

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20. Water the plants in their home garden daily.

21. Grow some veggies and herbs in the home garden.

22. Care for local flora and fauna.

23. Plant trees around on every occasion and especially on their birthdays.

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24. Donate from pocket money to environmental and wildlife organizations.

25. Spread awareness with friends.

We all have to make a commitment to ourselves to become more cautious to preserve and conserve nature. It will benefit us as well as our future generations to achieve sustainable development.

Conservation is a cause that has no end. There is no point at which we will say our work is finished”- Rachel Carson

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39 thoughts on “25 Ways To Teach Little Hands How To Conserve Mother Nature – Nature Conservation Day

    1. Totally second that. As an adult for very long, sometimes I miss out on these good practices. Guilty as charged but trying to make amends.

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  1. These are really great ideas to inculcate in kids so that they grow up conscious of the environment. After all the future of the earth lies with these gentle hands.Sandy N Vyjay

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  2. These are simple but very useful and effective tips. And it is very important to inculcate these habits in children. Conservation should be a habit, not a rule.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Conservation used to be a way of life when I was a child. Most of these points were followed by our elders. With growing commercialism, we have forgotten how to follow the three Rs – reduce, reuse, and recycle.

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  4. Simple , yet effective ways to teach conservation of earth to little ones. I too follow most of the pointers u have mentioned with my daughter.

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  5. This is such an informative post and relevant to occasion. i feel if we all follow these simple habits in our day to day life. we can save our environment a lot and can reduce the harmful effects of pollutions too.

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  6. Well listed things that can be easily done. Not just by kids but some adults need to read this too & follow. Recycling can also be a good thing to kids – DIY projects created with waste, wrapping gifts using newspapers and making some nice labels to decorate it etc. are some easy things they can follow.

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  7. This is a topic close to my heart as well. We should not be reminded to take care of mother nature only on Nature Conservation Day alone, but I feel this should be a regular, every day activity. Your 25 ways to teach kids how to conserve nature is absolutely on point. Children should also understand from a young age that it is not cool to throw or leave trash on the ground.

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  8. That’s an extensive and exhaustive list! I totally agree with you. We need to teach our kids how to conserve our nature as they will then pass this on to their kids and so on. We are not just helping them understand the value of the nature but also making sure our future generations enjoy the nature and not mourn its loss. We are passing on important lessons to our future generations.

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  9. Given the way mother earth is suffering currently from the pollution of all sorts, it indeed is important for us to teach kids about conserving nature in the best possible manner. We should try and teach kids about protecting nature from a very early age so that it remains with them forever and becomes a part of living.

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  10. It is very important to nurture sustainability in young minds as they are our future. You have done a great job by jotting down ideas that little hands can work upon

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  11. Loved the compiled lists of habit we should follow. These are such apt habits of daily days that not only kids but we also follow these to reduce carbon footprints.

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  12. These are some easy and doable tips and tricks to conserve mother nature. I think these are something we should be doing on daily basis and no reminder in form of a conservation day is indeed, and every bit of nature saved means so much for us and generations.

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  13. Not just for kids but I know many elders who don’t follow these easy guidelines. These are such easy and necessary steps to save our environment.

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  14. Seema, you have jotted all the possible ways that can be imbibed in child from early stages. Using the things to the value and then further donating it to right hands is one I mostly focus on.

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  15. That’s quite a list! Yes, we do try emphasize the importance of conserving. For example, reducing water wastage. Ensuring switching off of lights etc. Avoiding wastage of food. Tried composting as well last year.

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  16. I couldn’t agree more with this. Each small steps count and the more we are aware of this the more we can teach our little ones 🙂 Avoiding wastage of food and water should be taught from a young age.

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  17. My daughter loves saving and using all her toys and art supply to avoid wasting. I try to teach her these hacks you shard too.Its important we teach when they are young.

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