Review Of Disney.BYJU’S Early Learn App For Kids

Disney.BYJU’S Early Learn App!! If you are thinking of getting this for your kids, there are many things you need to know about this app before you consider buying it.

Here’s my personal review of the Disney.BYJU’S Early Learn App. I hope it will help you decide to whether or not go for it. I wanted to help my nephew who is in the upper kindergarten, to learn from the comfort of our home. I searched high and low for the best “Learn from home” solution for my nephew, which is when I came across the Disney.BYJU’S Early Learn app.

What is Disney.BYJU’S Early Learn App?
Simply put, it is an online learning program/app designed for kids from nursery to grade 3. Kids can learn math, science, and English in the form of animated videos, games, stories and quizzes. They can also learn concepts of Maths and English through rhymes and Disney songs.

The app makes use of Disney’s timeless stories and characters from The Lion King, Frozen, Moana, and Pixar characters like Cars and Toy Story to build a strong foundation in basic concepts in a fun and interactive way.

There are two versions of the Disney.BYJU’S Early Learn App you could opt for. The mobile app, which you can download on your mobile phone or tablet, and the Disney.BYJU’S Early Learn kit. We chose the kit because it had more features.

Unboxing the Disney.BYJU’S Early Learn Kit
At first I was apprehensive as to what we would receive, so I checked a lot of YouTube videos and spent a lot of time enquiring with the BYJU’S executive before we finally decided to purchase it.

Image courtesy Byju’s

When the kit arrived I was as excited as my nephew. The kit contained the following:

✓ A board game with dice and pawns to play with
✓ A set of crayons
✓ An Osmo tangram
✓ Sticker booklets
✓ Flash cards
✓ Osmo stand and reflector for the tablet
✓ Interactive worksheets and a magic pen to write on the worksheets
✓ A 10 inch tablet.

My Personal Review after Using the Disney.BYJU’S Early Learn App
So, we turned ON the tablet, fixed the Osmo reflector on the camera and placed the tablet on the stand. We chose math on the dashboard and I was completely blown away! The animation was seamless and top notch.

The app first introduces you to Jax and Jane, two animated guides who take kids on a magical learning adventure.

The adventure consists of learning videos and games. Kids first have to learn from the video and in between the video they are prompted to think and answer some questions. Once the video is completed kids need to answer some questions and play some games to unlock the next lesson.

The interactive worksheet work like magic. Kids need to place it close to the tablet and write over it using the magic pen. The tablet recognises what kids write, draw or tick and tells them whether their input is correct or not. There are different worksheets for math, science and English.

For example, if the worksheet is about odd numbers, kids need to circle only odd numbers on the worksheet, if they make a mistake, the tablet suggests them to correct it and try again.

My nephew loves it. He used to run away from books and learning earlier, but now he is always excited to learn from the Disney.BYJU’S Early Learn App.

On a scale of 1 to 10, I would give BYJU’S a 10. The Disney.BYJU’S Early Learn Kit is one of a kind and definitely worth every penny.

I hope I was able to help you decide. Do let me know your thoughts in the comment section below.

Until next time. Cheers!

13 thoughts on “Review Of Disney.BYJU’S Early Learn App For Kids

  1. This seems a good app for my son who is in Kindergarten. Kids at this age learn faster with interactive learning. It helps them in staying focused and learn in a fun way.

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  2. Disney’s BYJU early learning app looking like a great app to support young kids’s learning at home. it is great that they can learn math, science, and English in the form of animated videos, games, stories and quizzes. I am sure it is lots of fun while learn for them.

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  3. So many apps are coming up in the market for upgrading kids knowledge base right at the comfort of the home. Such apps are good for sure but I feel too much investment on such app use is distracting kids for enjoying childhood.

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  4. Byju’s early learning app seems really a nice and fun way to introduce kids to learning. Characters from the world of Disney introducing basic concepts is something the kids will grasp easily and also have fun.

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  5. This app is a very good one for kids to learn a lot from home. Interactive learning by BYJUS has been revolutionizing online education since its incept.

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