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Knock Knock Let’s Talk – What To Say When You’re Expecting For Baby’s Mental Wellness By Dr. Ankita Marjadi

A pregnant woman is always advised to think positive and be happy. Read more books and especially holy scriptures and mythology to make sure the baby inside the womb gets all positive vibes from the Mum-to-be. Researchers from the University of Cambridge were interested in finding out if there is a connection between the way moms and dads think about their children during pregnancy and the way they treat them after they’re born. It is possible that the electrochemical reactions inside the pregnant woman’s brain really does impact how her baby is developed. So the connection between the mother and her foetus is very crucial. Interaction between them on a daily basis should be given utmost importance.

But what if a mother struggles to talk to her unborn baby? What if she is not able to express her feelings in the right words? It sometimes gets overwhelming as it is an important factor for the unborn child’s mental health.

So I had a chat with Dr Ankita Marjadi, the author of the book “Knock Knock Let’s Talk”. A book that pours heart and soul into words that a mother would want to say to her baby.

Dr. Ankita Marjadi is the co- founder of Arogyada Clinic. She is a Homoeopathy physician, psychotherapist and a counsellor who has been working in the field for more than a decade. She is also a Certified Child Birth Educator and an Author by passion. She claims her most favourite title to be “a mom of two doting girls”.

Tell us a little bit about the inspiration behind your book.

I had a miscarriage at 7.5 months of pregnancy, precisely 2 days after a grand baby shower function. I was shell shocked and numbed with the mental agony of not even getting a valid reason for losing my baby. Six months into depression, I conceived again. This time I was very anxious with each passing day. To battle my anxieties and to keep a positive mind set, I started writing to my unborn. I used to talk to my baby in my womb about whatever I felt like. This was something that was very special and to my amazement my rainbow girl is exactly like I have penned. Going back to mythologies, our scriptures are full of stories which prove time and again that babies grasp and follow what you think during pregnancy or what you teach your baby when in the. After been blessed with another daughter and using the same mantras, I thought of sharing this ahead by penning down the qualities and values thatthe mom-to-be would like to read imbibe in her unborn and will be beneficial to both.

Could you tell us why these kind of books are important?

Pregnancy is a roller coaster of emotions and tapping the right ones is very essential. There are so many feelings, thoughts and emotions which run through a mom’s mind during pregnancy. These type of books help in creating a positive mind set during pregnancy. They can help you be happy and they can help you connect with the baby in the womb. Babies are very conscious and they actually understand all your feelings and emotions. Building this prenatal bond makes them feel loved, wanted and happy.

How can your book be used by a preggo mom?

The book starts from Week 5 and can be read each week from Week 5 to Week 40. This book is to make the pregnancy experience happier and easier.

Once in a while you come across a book which keeps you thinking and which is there with you not only during the time it is being read but also after it. This is a book which helps you introspect thoughts which are positive and which should be adapted in your day to day lives. This is a book which helps you keep the positive vibes on. Reading this book during pregnancy is known to have positive effects on the mom to be as well as the baby which is yet to come. There is also a space provided for penning down your thoughts that you would like to share with your baby. It gives a personal touch which is unique to the mother and her baby and is saved as a memory too.

The qualities shared every week are definitely introspective and can be read and re-read to brighten your day. They help you in self-reflection and exploration which is good for your overall well-being.

In what way will the book be beneficial?

Our rich cultural heritage is full of stories which state the importance of good thoughts during pregnancy and importance of inculcating good qualities in the baby when he/she is still in the womb. It is very much true and I have personally experienced it with both my daughters. This book will share many values and virtues that a mother will like to embibe in her child right from the developmental stage.

Can we read them to babies even after their birth and also to young kids?

Definitely the virtues can be read even after the babies are born. I still read my book to my daughters and they love listening to it. Many a times they feel that they have heard something similar and I have this content smile on my face because I know the imprints are long before their understanding of words.

This book is a very light read and can be picked up at any point of time in life. Though the basic plot is revolving around pregnancy but the attributes taught can be useful for anyone and everyone. It is a book which can help you be positive and can help you in personal transformation.

What’s the one piece of advice you would give to preggo moms?

To start with, right from the time a couple decides to have a baby, they can choose to lead a happy and a healthy lifestyle which is full of love and positivity. When the times comes and they have started being more cordial with their lifestyle, the moment they conceive the foundation gene will be laid which has these positive imprints of both the partners. By continually being there and bonding with the baby through effective communication through words, touch, music and preparing your body healthily to welcome the baby are some of the things which parents should adapt to make the baby feel more secure and loved. Spending quality bonding time when the baby is still in the womb has a wonderful impact on the womb environment and the health of the baby. Beside these, effective stress management and being happy and positive keeps the baby happy too.

That is so wonderfully said! I have personally used this book when I was pregnant with my second child. It was a night time routine for me and my daughter to read the book to my bump. Eira had just learnt to read then and used to take over sometimes. It was an amazing bonding time for me, my elder child and my bumpie as we used to call it. I was so grateful that I knew about the book then and used it well in time. I think I would like to go back to that routine and start reading it again to my kids for a positive impact on them.

Sharing a page from the book for week 5 which includes a few encouraging words for the mom-to-be and baby talk for the mother to read to her unborn child.

Page for week 5 of pregnancy from the book “Knock Knock Let’s Talk”

Thank you so much Dr. Ankita for sharing your thoughts. I am really glad we could do this and share about your book which is indeed a must have for every pregnant mother.

You can reach out to Dr. Ankita Marjada at Arogyada Pregnancy Center wherein they cater many expecting moms and be with them through their journey. They cover important factors like pregnancy yoga & exercises, meditation, Garbh Sanskar, information on healthy diet, breast feeding, myths during pregnancy which also needs to be taken care of is shared.

The best part is that they teach how to communicate with the baby in the womb as the connection of the mother with the baby is so essential. They help them make their pregnancy more soulful. They also help them with their anxiety issues, depression and stress.

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25 thoughts on “Knock Knock Let’s Talk – What To Say When You’re Expecting For Baby’s Mental Wellness By Dr. Ankita Marjadi

  1. Wow I am going to keep this book in my list and will surely get one for my friends who will be expecting. Whatever talk the going to be mom talk to her baby, it is conveyed through her voice, words, and tone. This book is surely going to help many new moms.

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  2. i can understand how hard it must be for Dr. Ankita to going through a hard phase of losing her baby but it is great that she has found a meaningful way to deal with her grief. the concept of this book is really beautiful, I am sure it will be a delightful real for pregnant women.

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  3. Jotting down all the good things for the baby in a book is surely a unique concept as sometimes expecting mothers may fall short of words when they talk to unborn child. This book is surely a good read for all expecting parents.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I was aware of the ancient Hindu practice of Garbha Sanskar even before I myself became a mother. Pregnancy is a roller coaster specially if you have had bad earlier experiences or it is your first time. I am glad that help and guidance is at hand for a positive pregnancy experience.

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  5. Very interesting read. Pregnancy is indeed a unique experience with unique challenges and a learning process too. It is the time when the right and reliable advice is needed and the Arogyada Pregnancy Centre seems to be a boon in this regard. Sandy N Vyjay

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  6. Such a beautiful interview. It surely must have been hard to lose a baby at 7.5 months. I am glad that Dr. Ankita fought her anxiety by writing and expressing. Very inspiring story.


  7. My first pregnancy resulted in a miscarriage and I can totally relate to pain, anguish and sadness that Dr Ankita experienced. My second pregnancy was fraught with worry, anxiety and stress. Wish I had read this book earlier, it would have made my pregnancy easier and happier!

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  8. I wish I had this book to read, to prepare me for the baby. I guess we all relied only on What to Expect at that time. Its great to now have a book thats from an Indian perspective as that makes it much more relatable and relevent.

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  9. While such a wonderful interview. All that a pregnant mom needs is a positive mind and thoughts which she can pass on to the baby Within. We too used to talk to our child when I was expecting my 1st baby and my husband used to sing Hanuman chalisa every day and after being born our daughter use to respond so well to Hanuman chalisa and fall off a sleep after listening to it.
    I will for sure recommend this book to any of my prego friends in the future.

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