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10 Best Bollywood Movies To Watch With Your Kids

Kids still being home and studying online gives them alot of free time. Watching screens has become unavoidable unless a parent is ready to be involved all the time or enroll them into some or the other forms of classes to keep them engaged. After watching most of the animated movies and TV shows, when my daughter wanted to see some hindi movies as she was able to understand it better now that she studies the language at school, the first movie that I decided to show her was “Chillar Party”. I had shown it to her earlier too but with language as a barrier ( our mother tongue is Konkani) she could not understand much and I worked more as a translator than enjoying the movie with her. This time it was different, she was completely lost in the movie and then asked for more for her movie time on weekends.

There began my work of exploring which movies, can I show her that I find okay for her age (she is 7). Nothing horror because I don’t think it’s good for kids at young ages. Also, I did not want her to be awake in the middle of the nights and me struggling to get her out of that terrified phase for days on end. Some movies have one or two child actors but are not actually movies for kids and should be given a thought before showing them and then there are some adult movies with wonderful messages and can be watched by kids as well.

So here is a tried, tested and completely watched list alongwith popcorn…

Chillar Party

A totally entertaining movie not just for kids but also the adults in a family. Young children come together with a noble cause to save a street dog and end up teaching lessons and doing a so called “Chaddi March” in their own justified ways. With wonderful messages during the entire movie, your child will definitely love and learn.

Munnabhai M.B.B.S

This movie needs no introduction and is a superhit till date It’s not made for kids but still can be enjoyed by them. When Munnabhai, a goon decides to go back to university and get the M.B.B.S degree by hook or by crook as a revenge for his father’s insult, a series of events take place full of humor. Kids are definitely going to laugh and learn what a “jadoo ji jhappi” means.

Lage Raho Munnabhai

The sequel of the earlier movie but with a totally different story to tell, this is another great choice from the grown-up movies. Gandhiji happen to visit Munnabhai quite often and guide him to leave his goon lifestyle and lead a truthful path. Losing the love of his life on the way of becoming a better human, this movie is sure to tickle everyone’s funny bone including your kid and also teach about Gandhiji’s values and way of life.

Taare Zameen Par

An amazing movie by Aamir Khan, portraying the inner fight of a child with autism, this movie is surely going to touch your heart and teach your child. I remember having a long conversation after my daughter watched this movie and she was moved. “It’s ok not to know something, it’s ok if your friend doesn’t know something. We don’t know what they are struggling at and always need to extend a helping hand.” is the message she picked up from this movie. No child can be an all rounder and no parent should expect that from their kid is the message we should pick up as parents from this movie.

The Blue Umbrella

If you have read Ruskin Bond, you definitely have read his book “The Blue Umbrella”. Based on his book, this movie is about a little girl and her blue Umbrella which every in her little town want from her. One day she loses it and the story leads to who took it from her and what she does when she finds out. From this movie, kids learn not to be cruel or judgemental against those who act badly against them.

I am Kalam

A little Rajasthani boy who dares to dream and adores President Abdul Kalam and follows his footsteps to achieve his dreams. A truly inspiring story and a.must watch.

Stanley ka Dabba

An orphan Stanley somehow manages to earn bread and go to school. No one at school knowns that he is an orphan or about his financial condition. The Hindi teacher makes it compulsory for everyone to bring their own tiffin. It’s a heart warming tale of how Stanley manages to get his tiffin every day.


An inspiring story of Phogat sisters. The movie teaches girls how they need to stand up for themselves and dare to dream and achieve it. This movie also shows the father Mr. Phogat, a man who stands firmly behind his daughters and encourages them to enter sports and achieve what no one could ever think of, a perfect message for your little boys to be supportive of girls.

Koi Mil Gaya

A movie based on a boy with a mental disability, tries his best and goes against everyone to save his alien friend Jadoo. Jadoo has magical powers and cures Rohit, the boy from his illness but there are scientists and politicians who want to capture Jadoo and experiment on him. Kids love this movie as the sci-fi part and emotional attachment of the boy and alien works magic on them.

Mr. India

A movie I enjoyed watching alot of a child. A simpleton man who runs an orphanage and loves all the kids dearly struggles to earn bread for them and meet theo needs. Their house is being robbed away by some goons and how he happens to discover one of his father’s inventions. A wrist band that makes him invisible and things start falking in place again until he loses a loved one and decides to fight against injustice. We all have known and loved Mr. India and I’m sure our kids will love him too. Just make sure to skip on the intimacy scenes in the song “Kaate nahi katate” and it’s a full on entertainment.

These movies have been enjoyed by us as a family over and over again. With very little questions coming from your little ones against the content in these movies, I can say these are safe to watch too.

Which Bollywood movies do you enjoy with your kids? Do you enjoy some of these movies too?

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