5 Challenging Games for kids (5+ yrs)

Kids and games will.always go hand in hand. No matter how many games they have, they will always want more. But which games would you like to invest in as a parent so that you know that it will help your child in their overall development. Brain games help kids learn patience and goal setting. These games won’t be quick to finish but will make them more intrigued every step of the way towards the winning goal.

Here are a few of our favourites. I introduced some of them to my daughter when she was 4 years old.

You can never go wrong with puzzles. Puzzles teach kids the concept of whole and pieces being fractions of a bigger picture. It increases skills like shape recognition, concentration, goal setting and patience. They also improve hand-eye co-ordination, critical thinking, judgement and visual perception skills.
There are many puzzles that are available in the market but Frank puzzles are our favourite. You will find them for all age kids are the price is also very pocket friendly.

Many of us have known this game since our childhood and now it’s time to introduce them to your kids. I introduced this to my daughter when she was 3.5 yrs old and she loved it. The goal was not to win but to understand how the logic of the game works and to my surprise she was able to pick it up in no time.

There is no game like this one. It’s time consuming, it’s super- challenging and alot of fun. Setting up blocks in a way that they do not roll over each other until you have placed each and every block that you have… Something that many adults give up on! But kids don’t and won’t! When you introduce this game you might have to pitch in and help them get to it and once they get the hang of it they will be able to acheive it themselves. Hand-eye co-ordination and patience are the skills that can be amazingly achieved by this game.

IQ Fit
This game has got all of my daughter’s attention recently. She is 6 yrs old now and can understand the complexity that this game provides. It is nothing different that the block piling game adults play on phones but with a little twist. It includes both 2D and 3D puzzles.

We all have played this game, havent we? You don’t even have to buy it. Just make some of these on paper or get some printables. I introduced 4×4 sudoku with designs instead of numbers and then made the transition to numbers and bigger sudoku.

These games can be played as a family too. You and your kids are definitely going to enjoy them.

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My Happy Thoughts – Affirmations for Moms!

Being a mother is rewarding and a wonderful experience in itself. The first touch of your baby, their toothless smiles to their first walk and their non-stop chatter and screaming at their top of their voices. Those sleepless nights, tantrums and wailing can be overwhelming sometimes. It is all a big mix of complex emotions of joy, exhaustion, love, worry and much more that we Moms feel.

It’s not wrong of wanting a break sometimes or just having a cup of coffee all by your own in the comfy corner of your house or sleep for late hours in the morning without worrying about breakfast after an all-nighter. If we happen to do that and choose ourselves over our kids for once, mom guilt appears. It hovers over you for long telling you that choosing your kid over yourself was the right thing to do. If you happen to go a bit far while disciplining your child, if you happen to cook a bit late or if you’re just tired and feel like running. But you won’t! Those are just thoughts that come to you when you’re tired and overwhelmed from it all.

All we need is some positivity that we are doing our best as a mother but you’ll agree with me when I say that our kids won’t affirm us on a daily basis and especially when we have a meltdown. So it’s high time that we affirm ourselves and get some positivity in our lives. But won’t it sound silly to say something to yourself? Not at all! A study conducted by Cargenie Mellon University, USA showed that self-affirmations improved and helped college students’ performance when they were under stressful situations.

So let’s get started with 20 positive affirmations that we moms must remind ourselves daily.

1. I am doing my best as a mom and that is enough.
2. I am exactly who and what my kids need.
3. Whatever I do today will be enough.
4. My kids love me inspite of my flaws.

5. I am worthy of everything.
6. I will b calm and peaceful under pressure.
7. I do not live for other’s opinions and I do what is best for me and my kids.
8. I am grateful.
9. I can make my kids laugh and keep them happy like no one else.
10. My kids know I love them because I express myself to them.
11. I will embrace the here and now.
12. It’s okay to ask for help.
13. I am capable of amazing things.
14. This too shall pass.
15. It’s okay to want a break from it all.
16. I am doing a good job.
17. Every challenge I face makes stronger as a mother.
18. I will take care of my mind, body and soul.

19. I am a good Mom.
20. Happiness is my choice.

I’m sure you all are going to feel better and revived in no time. Let me know in the comments below if you have some of your own affirmations.

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10 Interesting Food Facts

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Food is a very fascinating topic. There must not be one person on the planet who might not have some favourites when it comes to food. It is a never ending discussion atleast for me…

Keep reading to educate yourself to some less known facts and impress your family the next time you serve them.

1. Scientists have discovered that peanut butter can be turned into diamonds

Image credits Google

Our delicious peanut spread which we just can’t stop eating over perfect toasts, is very rich in carbon say scientists at the Bayerisches Geoinstitut in Germany. So it’s possible to turn simple American Garden into diamonds now. Fascinating, right ladies!!
All you need to do is to extract the oxygen from the carbon dioxide found in the peanut spread, and then enact immense pressure on the carbon left behind.

2. Popsicle was invented by accident

Photo by Jill Wellington from Pexels

In 1905, a 11-year old boy named Frank Epperson from San Francisco left a mixture of soda and water overnight. To his surprise a new treat had been discovered by him and he enjoyed it. He named his invention “Epsicle”. He spent his summers selling “Epsicles”. Later his children called it Pop’s sicles i.e. Popsicles.

3. Potatoes are great WiFi reflectors

This 2006 image was provided by Boeing Co.

When Boeing Co. needed to test out in-flight wireless signals on full planes, they couldn’t ask humans to sit motionless for days at a time while they conducted experiments. The signals can be spotty at 35,000 feet up in the air. They found potato as an unsual substitute for people. We have more similarities to potatoes than you’d think. Because of their water content and chemistry, potatoes absorb and reflect radio wave signals the same way humans do.

4. Bananas are berries but strawberries are not!

Photo by alleksana from Pexels

Bananas are classified are berries. Botanically, berry is a fruit which comes from one flower with one ovary but has several seeds. Strawberries come from one flower but with multiple ovaries. Hence not a berry! Strange right!

5. Fig isn’t a fruit, it’s a flower

Figs are inverted flowers that bloom internally. Fig’s pollination process is very unique as they need to be pollinated inside-out, rather than outside-in like other normal flowers.

6. Nutmeg is a hallucinogen

Image credits Google

Nutmeg has a natural compound called myristicin. It works like a hallucinogen if taken in large doses probably about more than 2-3 tablespoons. In olden days, it was used on sick people to aid sleeping and in some places even on infants in smaller doses.

7. Chilli peppers trick your mouth

Photo by Free Creative Stuff from Pexels

What do you think when you decide to take a bite of chilli pepper? It’s going to burn your mouth. But did you know that it is not a physical reaction but only a mental one. Chili peppers contain a chemical known as capsaicin, which naturally binds to the pain receptors on our nerves. Your brain thinks you are having something hot and spicy.

8. Serbia has the most costliest cheese

Photo by Tabitha Mort from Pexels

Pule cheese is from donkey’ milk from a place in Serbia and costs more than 1000$ per pound.

9. Ketchup was once a medicine

Photo by Vova Krasilnikov from Pexels

In 1800s, a doctor claimed that ketchup has medicinal properties and could treat diarrhoea and indigestion. He came up with a recipe of his own for treatment which later was turned into a pill.

10. Drink to your music

Image credits Google

Researchers experimented and came to conclusions that the music being played has an effect on your drinking. Loud music makes people drink more and faster.

So these were all the fun food facts that I had to share. I’m sure you enjoy all these foods but had no idea about them. Let me know in comments if you have any interesting facts to share.

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How to take your child to the Pediatrician during Pandemic

Pandemic or not, Pediatrician’s visit cannot be avoided. Changes in weather or a stomach bug can get you there. Even vaccinations need to be given to our infants and kids in due time. They should never be avoided. A little bit of delay might not hurt but your pediatrician’s advice is what you should follow. But how do you make sure that your kids are traveling safely and do not get infected. Going out for us is a job in itself these days. The safety measures, the elbow touch and the disinfection after coming back home. Too many things that a baby won’t understand and has to be made easier on us to handle.

I wana share some safety steps that help me out a lot.

1. Mask up.
Mask has become an essential in the current day. You and your older kid can wear masks. They should be instructed in the proper ways of wearing mask and that it should not be removed or touched at all.

Image credits Google

2. Sanitizer in your pockets.
A sanitizer should always be handy even with your kid. We follow a rule of “No Touch” with my daughter. So when we go out, she goes into that mode, where she does not touch the lift doors, lift buttons, car door or the doors at the doctor’s chambers. These kind of rules can be set up and explained to kids on a regular basis. Sanitize together for them to get a hang of it as they might tend to forget as they do not step out on a regular basis.

Image credits Google

3. Wear your baby
Baby carriers are the best these days. My son is very fidgety and is a baby who wants to touch and mouth everything he sees and finds so I find it best to wear him in our Aseema carrier from Soulsling India which makes it easier for me to handle him and my daughter at the same time while keeping my hands free for safety purposes.

4. Wear a scarf/feeding cover
A scarf or a feeding cover will help you easily cover your baby since little ones cannot wear masks but covering them is equally important.

5. Surface sanitization at the chambers
Doctor’s are following the guidelines of disinfecting the surfaces where they place the child for check up but to be extra sure, you can opt to hold the child in your arms during check up and vaccination or take a shawl or a bed runner and lay it before you place your child there. After its done, bring it back home and don’t forget to sanitize that too.

6. Take a shower
Make sure you and your baby take a shower after coming back home. One of the most important things and even for the baby, even though you wore him the whole time.

Nowadays, doctor’s advice to get help online unless medication cannot be done at home or is a vaccination. Get a list of general medicine for fever, cough, cold etc from your pediatrician and use them after online consultation.

Stay Home Stay Safe

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Book Recos by my Baby

Babies are like a clean slate or an empty book. Upto the age of three they pick up their basic vocabulary and languages for communication. Introducing books to your newborn helps them in a lot of ways. Even if they do not talk, books are a great way of some learning and bonding time. All they are interested in are a lot of colors and shapes and pictures and you reading aloud the story or making up your own is an added bonus. 

Books are considered as a great gifting option too. They make wonderful return gifts for birthdays and other occasions as well. While buying or gifting books for babies and toddlers, first thing to keep in mind is that it has to be sturdy. Babies like to explore. They pull and rip, chew and munch on everything they find. So board books are the ones you always want to go for. 

I introduced the concept of books and reading to Eric even before he was born. It has made a huge difference in his interest later.

This image belong to https://myworldwitheira.com/
and reuse is strictly not permitted.

Eric has some favourite reads which have been constant over time and I’m happy to share them based on his interests and recommendations. 

1. Black and white/ High contrast books: Don’t you see too many black and white items in the baby’s section at the shopping malls these days? Why do you think so? These black and white or high contrast items and books are bound to have a great impact on newborn especially from 0 – 3 months. They visually stimulate your baby’s vision and brain growth. It doesn’t hurt to continue keeping them included even after that as they will always have your baby’s love being their first books. You can even find playgyms and toys of these colors. Our favourite is the “Baby’s very first black and white book of animals” from Usborne even after . a year. When asked for Eric’s choice, he always picks this one first. 

2. Baby faces books: Books with babies in it just click in no time. Babies relate to faces very soon after birth and these kind of books go a long way.  Books with real baby faces and having different expressions will make your baby very happy and respond more. You can even make a personalized book of your own baby with different expressions or milestones or a book with all your family members. I got “This Little Baby” from Bookstart publications. It has more of black and white contrast images and I chose this book as it would relate more when my son was 2 months old due to the contrasting pictures. After a point the mirror at the end of the book was a wonderful thing that he discovered. As if he was a part of the book.


3. Cloth books: Kids just love to mouth everything and books are no different. Cloth books are a great way to increase the interest and make sure they do not take a bite. Crinkle cloth books are one of the best and I got “Baby Touch Snuggle Book” from Ladybird for him. The bright colors and crinkling sound is the perfect way for him to play and read at the same time and if Mama has a hard time during his bath, this book makes its way to our bath tub too. Best thing about cloth books are that they are washable. 

4. Touch and feel books: These books generate curiosity in babies. They start exploring the use of their senses and how these textures feel different. These books being different than a regular board book makes them one of his favourites’. Eric has the “Baby Touch Flip Flap book” by Ladybird. The bright pictures and colors in this book is loved by babies and toddlers alike. 

5. Story books: Books with cute pictures and great stories are a hit with kids who are not babies anymore and are soon gona hit one. They love books with characters which they follow and find along the story as you turn pages and they explore. “The very hungry Caterpillar” by Eric Carle has been a favourite for both my kids. “Goodnight moon” by Margaret Wise Brown is a classic and another of our favourites. The simple yet contrasting images and one liner story makes it a perfect bedtime read for toddlers and beyond. 

6. Sound books: These are also a great option but since we have some sound toys, we want to keep books more to reading and listening rather than to musical sounds. “Peppa’s super noisy sound book” is one of the amazing options available.

Its never to early to start reading to kids. The sooner the better as reading is the best gift you can give to your child.

You may like to know about Early reading importance and how I introduced this habit in my kids. Kids’ books also have different stories which deliver different morals. You may like to know more about Beautiful Themes in Children’s Literature.

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Kao Pad – Thai Pineapple Fried Rice with Shrimps

You are spoiled for choice when it comes to food in Thailand. Being a nation of mesmerizing beaches, seafood is a staple in Thailand. If you’re a non-vegetarian and planning to go to Thailand, I would highly recommend trying all your Thai meals in seafood version. You will be mind-blown by the flavors and the authenticity. What makes Thai food truly excellent is the sheer freshness of ingredients like lemongrass, galangal, kaffir lime leaves, etc. Seafood comes from the beaches and the vegetables and meat from many of the farms and local plantations nearby. This freshness gives Thai food its own unique flavor and richness.

Thai food used to be very spicy in olden times as chili was not something they had in their country, so a mix of dried herbs was used to make food flavorful and spicier. In recent times, they have shifted from spicy herbs to fresh herbs like lemongrass. Thai food uses more of coconut milk. Even the desserts have coconut milk in them. But the curries are more thinner than Indian curries. There is also an emphasis on rice in Thai culture.

You may also enjoy reading my article about Thailand where there are ornate temples and beautiful mesmerizing beaches.

Pineapple fried rice is a classic dish that is a staple on most Thai restaurant menus. This fried rice is surely going to satisfy your taste buds.

1/2 pineapple (read instructions below in the recipe)
2 cups non sticky rice cooked (read instructions below in the recipe)
250 gm large shrimps (peeled and deveined)
3 large eggs
5 cloves of garlic
1 inch of ginger julienned
1-2 chilies according to spiciness
7-8 green beans chopped
1 large carrot diced small
1/4 cup raisins
1/4 cup cashews
1 tbsp of Thai curry powder
2 tbsp of light soy sauce
1 tbsp Thai fish sauce (can skip)
1 tbsp of oyster sauce (can skip)
1 tbsp honey
1/4 tsp. of black pepper
Oil as needed
Salt as needed

Instructions for Pineapple: Cut a pineapple in half and then slit it thru in cubes and scoop it out. Use the outer pineapple as a bowl for serving the fried rice later for the ambience of a restaurant.

Instructions for rice: Use non-sticky rice and wash it multiple times until the water appears clear. This shows that the starch in the rice is reduced. Now cook the rice. Here in India, basmati rice that we use for our biryanis turn out excellent for fried rice because of its non-sticky texture.

Marinate the shrimp with a spoon of light soy sauce, salt and black pepper and set aside. For making the sauce for fried rice, in a bowl mix light soy sauce, fish sauce, oyster sauce, honey and Thai curry powder. Mix it all well and set aside.
Beat the eggs together with some salt and pepper.

Heat a wok and let’s get started…
Heat one tbsp oil and add the eggs. Scramble them but not too much. The scrambled bits should be bigger to be easily seen in the fried rice. Now remove it in a plate. This is the way, fried eggs go into Asian rice recipes. They are fried and taken out and then mixed back when the rice is done.
Continue in the same wok. Heat another tbsp of oil. Add the marinated shrimps and fry them until cooked and remove them from the wok.
Now heat 3 tbsps of oil and add garlic, ginger and chilies. You will get a great aroma of it. Now add carrots, green beans, cashews and raisins and stir fry them. Do not lower the flame as this makes the veggies soft and soggy. Keep stirring and adding ingredients on high heat. Now add the cooked rice nd mix it well with the veggies. Now pour the sauce made for fried rice around the wok and keep mixing the rice. Give it a minute. Now add the pineapple chunks. At the end, add the fried eggs and shrimps and stir fry again. Sprinkle shallots and give it a final mix.

Don’t forget the pineapple bowls we have. Fill them up with the fried rice and make sure you place some pieces of shrimps and pineapple on top.
Enjoy the tropical flavors of Thailand.

For vegetarians: Skip out on the fish sauce, oyster sauce and the shrimps. Add other veggies if you like. Believe me when I say, it still turns out amazing.

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Thailand – Ornate Temples to Beach Waters

A place of island and beaches that can never be forgotten is Thailand or The Kingdom of Thailand as it’s official name. It is the biggest country in the middle of South East Asia. Blessed with tropical and warm climate and stunning beaches makes it one of the best travel destinations. Tourism is the country’s biggest and most important sector for economy. Tourists keep pouring in no matter the season. Since tourism country is so flourished for many years, traveling on your own is easy.

When me and my husband decided to go on a holiday, Thailand was the first destination we had in our mind. We were too tired of our jobs and wanted a place to relax and rejuvenate.

Wat Phra Kaew, Temple of the Emerald Buddha, Bangkok, Thailand | © Courtesy of PIVISO/Flickr

Arriving at Bangkok, the capital, which is well known for its rich culture, unlimited shopping and street food. We stayed there at Holiday Inn. A lavish brunch was all we needed to start our day. You just cannot miss out on the Grand Palace and Wat Phra Kaew ( Temple of the Emerald Buddha) . It was the former home of the monarch and now is only used for ceremonial purposes and as one of the biggest tourist attraction in Bangkok. It is located on the ground of the architectural wonder “Temple of the Emerald Buddha”. The whole premises contain more than 100 buildings made beautifully out of gold and diamonds in different colors and the architectural carvings of old – Bangkok style. 

At The Grand Palace, Bangkok
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and reuse is strictly not permitted.
At The Grand Palace, Bangkok
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The Temple of Emerald Buddha (Wat Phra Kaew) is regarded as the most important Buddhist Temple in Thailand and believers from all over Asia visit it often for graces. The Emerald Buddha is 66 cm tall, carved in green jade and clothed in gold fabric. The yogic posture depicted by the Buddha is a sight not to be missed. It is said that the figurine was found in northern part of Thailand in 1434. 

Wat Phra Kaew – Emerald Buddha
Believers at the entrance of the temple getting blessed with Lotus and holy water. This image belongs to https://www.myworldwitheira.com
and reuse is strictly not permitted.

There are many other temples and exhibits inside the premises and should not be missed at all. The ancient stories and history can be known in detail from tourist guides available at the ticket kiosk. 

Buddhist monks at Wat Phra Kaew

After a day we started for Phuket. A place well known for its mesmerizing beaches and calm waters. We had decided to take a road trip on our own. An overnight bus ride to Phuket and we had reached Crowne Plaza. A perfect resort to relax with a beach of its own. 

Local ride in Phuket.
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Crowne Plaza, Phuket Panwa Beach Resort
At Crowne Plaza, Phuket Panwa Beach Resort
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In Phuket we chose to go to Koh Hey Island which is also known as Coral Island. You can reach there in 15 mins by speedboat from Rawai Beach. It has two beaches of its own. Long beach and Banana beach.

Koh Hey Island
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You can spend the day relaxing on the beaches or snorkeling, scuba diving and other sports which are easily available even in off seasons. The beaches there are mesmerizing and you can even choose others as there are many options available. 

Paragliding at Koh Hey Island
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Banana boat ride at Koh Hey Island Koh
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We loved to spend our days out and have relaxing evenings enjoying buffet dinners at the resort. Keeping in mind that we wanted to make the most of it. The scrumptious Thai food is another world altogether. Lemongrass and other traditional spices makes their mocktails and food so flavorful that one can’t resist it. Our dinners were made more entertaining with lively traditional music and dance performances. 

At Crowne Plaza, Phuket Panwa Beach Resort
This image belongs to https://www.myworldwitheira.com and reuse is strictly not permitted.
At Crowne Plaza, Phuket Panwa Beach Resort
This image belongs to https://www.myworldwitheira.com
and reuse is strictly not permitted.
At Crowne Plaza, Phuket Panwa Beach Resort
This image belongs to https://www.myworldwitheira.com
and reuse is strictly not permitted.

Thai massages are so well known to the world and one should not miss out on them at all. Aromatherapy massages done using lemongrass oil is what I would highly recommend.

At Crowne Plaza, Phuket Panwa Beach Resort
This image belongs to https://www.myworldwitheira.com and reuse is strictly not permitted.

We spent a week in Thailand and came back with truck loads of memory and camera full of scenic pictures. Thailand is a destination perfect for couples and honeymooners. If you have kids, do not worry, Thailand has everything to entertain everyone…
Thailand – A destination you just cannot miss!!

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Say It Right – Positive Parenting

Parenting is one of the most difficult thing on this planet you might say but so is being a kid. Every little thing is new for those tiny brains. New things, new experiences and new tasks everyday. Sharing a thought from their minds or telling what happened with between them and a friend is a task altogether as they do not know how it will be taken as by us. Their parents!!

It is our job to make it easier for them to express their feelings, their emotions and their questions. But how can we do that??? As an overtired parent handling home and work life, you might find yourself complaining and nagging but that won’t work on them. It happened for me too but it got my daughter upset and she just didn’t want to open up to me. There were days when she chose not to do play or do activities when something had gone wrong at school or with a friend while other days she was in a peppy mood. There were some days when her paintings were amazing and somedays everything she did looked like chicken dance. It was a code that needed to be cracked and me expressing my feelings and emotions to her made things easier. She became more confident when she was able to predict my reactions towards her. She started sharing more and knew I would listen. That confidence of her in me gave me tremendous peace of mind and heart and I had a happy child.

I’m sharing some of the phrases that I use with my kids on a daily basis and that made a huge difference. Using them at instances everyday will help alot and you will be able to see a positive change in your kiddos too.

  • I love you no matter what!
    Would you not love to hear this over and over again. So do kids! Think of it as a reminder. Especially for little ones. They can’t hear enough of it and will always share the feeling back. There is no better booster than a dose of love from Mama and Papa.
*Photo by August de Richelieu from Pexels
  • I’m grateful for you.
    Having you is the best thing that happened to me. Mom and Dad have been blessed. You can even share with them the story of the day they were born with few hidden details of course. They feel special to know that you’re happy to have them. My daughter loves to hear over and over again how Dadda flew back to India from another country and was the most happiest Dad ever to have a baby girl.
  • I believe in you.
    When you say this to your kids, it boosts their confidence in you. They believe in you, trust you with their shares and secrets and want to come back to you with their problems. Even the things where they went wrong and everything went upside down.
  • You make me proud.
    This motivates kids to do better knowing that their effort is being appreciated. All they need is a pat on their back, a smile or a hug. These gestures shows that you notice their growth and they keep up with their efforts.
*Photo by August de Richelieu from Pexels
  • You can always come to me.
    Everyone does mistakes and kids learn through mistakes, trials and errors. If as an adult you’re not left out of it so how can a kid be. But they need to know that they can always come back to you for comfort and that belief is very important.
  • When in doubt, follow your heart.
    Teaching them this value is gonna keep them rooted. Always choose the path that your heart believes in and gives you happiness but is also right and just. The best test for this is, “Think about how would you feel if the same was done or said to you and you’ll have the answer”. A thing that I’ve taught my daughter.
  • You did an awesome job.
    Appreciation goes a long way. When kids put efforts and proudly share it with you, it is very important to appreciate.
  • Be yourself.
    Be you. Be the way you are. You need not be like others. You are just perfect. All these make a huge difference and help them accept the differences they see in them and their friends and that no matter what, you love them.
  • I forgive you.
    One of the most important thing to say to kids. Forgiving kids in their mistakes and then letting them know that helps them a lot to come back to you. Of course you should have “The Talk” but there should be no punishments or consequences. You also teach them a value of forgiveness.
  • I’m sorry. That was my bad.
    When parents accept their mistakes instead of hiding them, kids learn the habit of admitting. Apologizing to them never goes unnoticed. They understand that they are not the only ones saying sorry every time. They get a chance to bring the value of forgiveness in use. They learn that everyone does mistakes but it is important to accept them, learn from them and forgive them.
*Photo by August de Richelieu from Pexels
  • You are right.
    Won’t you love to know that you were right! Hear it! Especially when others were wrong. Kids love to know that they are right too. It makes them proud and makes them feel they are now growing up and able to take the right decisions.
  • Can you teach me to…..
    Its a moment for kids to enjoy when adults do not know something or atleast they pretend to. They love to teach their Mom and Dad. Learn how to make a drawing/craft or how to read a difficult word that they have mastered and see them bloom in happiness.

All we have to do is share our feelings with them, support them in their little issues and let them know that we understand. For them their issues are super huge and they need a little attention and a few kind words to make their world easier and tantrum less. Give them the joy of feelings and understanding.

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Friends Behind Walls – Book Review

Can we ever keep two kids apart and tell them not to play with each other? Will that actually work? Will they ever listen to you??

“Friends Behind Walls” is a beautiful story on similar lines about childhood and the strong friendship bond that forms between Putti and Inu.

Putti decides to spend his holidays in Deolali, his hometown where he has never been as his Dada Dadi had already passed away before his birth. But he had heard wonderful stories about Deolali fom his Nana Nani and wanted to visit the beautiful place.

He also makes a friend Inu who lives next door but their parents forbid them to play. All they have are grunts and stares to pass at each other. But why is it so? What happened between them? Why do they not talk? Putti and Inu start on their investigation to find answers to these questions so that they can continue with their friendship. But will they be able to do so? Will they find the answers to them??
This book took me back to my childhood times when me and my friends were just inseparable. Going to school, playing together and even studying for exams together. Our summer holidays were all about eating kulfis and golas and playing all day long.

It is a perfect chapter book for young readers. @harshikaa_udasi has given a fun twist to characters like Putti’s Dad who has a rhyme to every word he says and Eira just can’t stop laughing. She has made sure to introduce new vocabulary to young readers like “flabbergasted” and “brouhaha” with their meanings explained in the story itself. Eira is enjoying that alot and tries to use them in her sentences now. Illustrations by @krishnabalashenoi are beautiful and book cover designed by @devanganadash is very catchy.

My rating 5/5

Book details
Book: Friends Behind Walls
Author: Harshikaa Udasi
Cover illustration: Krishna Bala Shenoi
Cover design: Devangana Dash
Publisher: Penguin Random House India


Breastfeeding during Pandemic

Mother’s milk is a natural complete food for the baby. It works as the first natural vaccine for the baby. So every baby deserves to be breastfed and WHO (World Health Organization) and UNICEF recommends 6 months of exclusive breastfeeding.

But what if the Mother is infected by Covid-19?

Due to pandemic, this thought always kept running through my mind. What if this happens with me? What about my son? He is still dependent on me. Not completely but breastfeeding is still a major part of his daily diet as he is not even a year old yet. How many more mothers out there who think about the same or are suspected. I’m sure them and many more Moms like me must be having these questions bothering them.
So I thought of doing a little research of my own to get answers to all my questions and more.

First and foremost thing is to maintain social distancing. If you are a mom-to-be or a mother of an infant/toddler, the best thing you can do is keep yourself away from the crowd. Prevention is always better than cure.

Can a Covid-19 infected mother breastfeed her baby?
According to WHO, Covid-19 does not transmit through breastmilk. A newborn baby or a feeding baby should definitely be breastfed. Early start in breastfeeding after birth helps in building the baby’s immunity by direct transfer of antibodies and essential nutrients through breastmilk.

How can a Covid-19 infected mother prevent transmission to her baby?
Whether a suspected mother or an infected one, proper precautions should be taken.
Wash hands and sanitize everytime before touching the baby. Wear a mask properly covering your nose and mouth and if possible a shield before holding the baby for feeding. Disinfecting frequently touched surfaces is a must. Baby’s clothes and other stuff should be washed and sanitized properly and frequently.

What if the mother is severely sick or is in medical emergency and is not able to feed her baby?
If the infected mother is severely ill and unable to breastfeed the baby, she can opt for expressing/pumping her breastmilk that a family member can spoon feed the baby. Bottle feeding probably should be avoided for newborns. Donor human milk is also a better option than formula milk and is highly recommended by pediatricians. Wet nursing is also something that is being considered as some Moms are not in favor of donor human milk which has been stored for a few days or more. Lastly is formula milk.

How can the partner and family members help the Covid-19 infected mother and baby?
During pregnancy and the child birth, the partner can be as involved as possible to build the confidence of the infected mother, of course with all the precautionary measures. After birth, the family members can help with the care giving part of the baby. If needed, the mother should be provided counselling by the gynaecologists, pediatricians and lactation experts to build her confidence in handling her baby without any concern.

Should there be social distancing maintained between the infected mother and the baby?
Absolutely not! With proper precautionary measures as mentioned earlier, social distancing need not be maintained. If done so, it might hamper the emotional well-being of the mother and the physical health of the child. Keeping baby and mother together helps in better temperature control of the baby and adjustments to the new world, less stress for the mother and better breastfeeding.
All these measures can be followed so that the mother and baby can enjoy their new beginning and also get all the benefits of liquid gold that the mother has to offer. After all, a healthy start will give a healthy future.

Disclaimer: These suggestions are for expecting/breastfeeding women who might be suspected/infected due to the pandemic. Please consult with your doctor before consuming anything or taking any steps.

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