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V For Van Gogh’s Art – Get Crafty #BlogchatterA2Z

Vincent Van Gogh, a Dutch painter was one of the most influential personality when it came to Western art. His work contributed to the foundation of modern art. He had created around 2100 artworks within a decade. Van Gogh loved drawing since he was a child who was quiet and thoughtful.

Vincent Van Gogh.
Image courtesy Google

Van Gogh’s art is now being introduced to children and they love “Sunflowers” and “The Starry Night” specifically. Today we are going to share Eira’s attempt for Sunflowers.

Sunflowers by Van Gogh.
Image courtesy Google.

In supplies, all you need it paper for drawing, oil pastels and a pencil for a rough sketch.

Let’s get started

Help your child to draw the sketch if needed. This is just for helping the child to make sure of the placement of each object. Now place the Van Gogh Art in front of them and let them take it from there. Oil pastels have a great intensity and that makes the art so lively.

Van Gogh’s Sunflowers by Eira.
This image belongs to and reuse is strictly prohibited.

Yellow Ochre will work a great way for the sunflowers. While emrald green can be used for leaves and red can help the flowers pop. Yellow Ochre is also used for the table and a light shade of blue has been used in the background.

Van Gogh’s Sunflowers by Eira.
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Eira enjoyed making this artwork and learning more about Van Gogh. We plan to try Starry night sometime soon.

Let your child also explore the Van Gogh within them with this artwork.

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Blogchatter A2Z · Get Crafty

L For Laurel Burch Art – Get Crafty #BlogchatterA2Z

Now this is no ordinary cat. It was designed by the the famous Laurel Burch. One of her masterpieces which are printed on earrings, clothes, journals and in today’s times even on masks. Laurel Burch was an American artist, designer and businesswoman.

Laurel Burch.
Image courtesy Google

She used to design jewellery and sell it on the streets of San Francisco. Her designs were unique so some local stores started selling her jewellery too. Later she ended up going to China and there she came across the art of “cloisonne” which involves enamel work. She mastered it and made paintings and designed earrings using it. Later, she founded her own manufacturing company called Laurel Burch Inc.

Laurel Burch Inc products.
Image courtesy Google

Today we are going to try our hands on some of her fascinating work.

A4 paper
Oil pastels
Pencil and eraser

Let’s get started
1. Draw the Burch Cat
2. Outline the drawing.
3. Butch’s cat has square features on them. You can decide to make circles of triangles or spirals or a mix of it all. I leave all this with Eira and let her go along with her choices.
4. Choose multiple colors on the cat that will compliment each other and most importantly bring out the eyes.
5. Use an off colored background to make the art pop out. Eira has used a fluorescent yellow and that made it look wonderful.

Laurel Burch Cat.
This image belongs to and reuse is strictly prohibited

Your Laurel Burch Cat is ready!

The colors used in this art are extraordinary and that’s what keeps the kids interested. Bright hues make it look so attractive.

We have made a quick video while Eira was making the Burch Cat.

Hope you enjoy it!

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K For Kandinsky Art

When it comes to abstract art, Wassily Kandinsky is still known as the pioneer. He was a Russian painter and art theorist. He became famous in Germany in an art form called “Expressionism”.

So called Expressionists, use art to express their feelings. He was also very much inspired by color. He believed that color could convey anything even without an object or figure. He would often combine different shapes with different colors to see which felt most right, and he would paint certain colors next to each other to see how they would play off against each other.

“Square with Concentric Circles” is one of those color studies. He made several versions of this, always using loose brushwork and very bright, saturated colors.

I decided to go along with Kandinsky and explore the world of color with Eira. But since we have tried the concentric circles earlier, she wanted to try using the concentric circles in a different way.

Chart paper

Let’s get started

1. On the paper, draw a huge tree with along with many branches with a pencil.

2. Start making the Kandinsky circles on and around the branches. Let your child use crayons in all colors. We have a combination of 3 colors. Mix and match cool and warm colors to bring out the best.

3. Color the tree black, Make sure not to ruin the Kandinsky circles by running through them,

4, Use some colors in the background to highlight the art.

Your Kandinsky art is ready.

This is one of the easiest arts and can be enjoyed by kids any age. It is full of colors and can keep a child engaged for long. Once they get the hang of it, you will see them making Kandinsky quite often. Don’t forget to showcase it into their rooms.

Kandinsky Art by Eira. This image belongs to and reuse is strictly prohibited.

We have made a quick video while Eira was working on this project.

Hope you enjoy it!

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E For Easter Bunny – Get Crafty #BlogchatterA2Z

Happy Easter to you all!

We celebrated Easter 2 days ago, but are still trying to get over the scrumptious food, chocolate eggs and cookies. For kids as well as grown-ups, Easter is always associated with bunnies and eggs. Bunnies usually give birth to a group of little kittens and so it symbolizes new life. It is believed that the Easter bunny lays and decorates eggs and then hides them for everyone to find. The eggs also symbolize new life. Today, parents and grandparents follow this tradition and hide chocolate eggs around their home and garden for an Easter egg hunt. Christian families also decorate their homes with different make bunnies and painted eggshells.

So what better than sharing the little DIY decor that we made for Easter.

Handtowels of any color
Rubber bands
Colored Satin ribbons
Googly eyes
Colored pompoms

Let’s get started

1. Place the handtowel inside out with one corner facing towards you.

2. Start rolling from the same corner up to the other side and then fold it to make a U-shape.

This image belongs to and reuse is strictly prohibited

3. Secure the folded U side with a rubber band tightly. This will form the bunny’s furry squishy bottom.

4. Now fold the pointy ends on the side towards the U-shape and secure with a rubber band. This will form the bunny’s face.

5. Fold the pointy ends upwards to make bunny’s ears.

This image belongs to and reuse is strictly prohibited

6. Tie a ribbon around the face of the bunny.

7. Glue the googly eyes and a pompom to make a nose.

This image belongs to and reuse is strictly prohibited

Your Easter Bunny is ready. Place the bunny with painted eggs or eggshells and chocolate eggs around.

We have made a quick video while Eira made these bunnies for Easter.

Hope you like it!

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D For Doll Chain – Get Crafty #BlogchatterA2Z

For D we have one of the most interesting craft. I remember making it during my school days. We used to color them and decorate our desks and classroom. I asked Eira what would she like to do with her doll chain and she decided to dress up and accessorize them. It turned out to be a very interesting activity.

So let’s see how to make a doll chain.

White chart paper
Colored craft paper for dresses
Black/brown craft paper for doll’s hair
Sequins, stars, buttons whatever a child would like for accessorizing

Let’s get started
1. Use white chart paper to make the doll chain. We have to make a accordion pleats with it. Make sure the breadth is good enough to draw dolls on them.
2. Draw dolls on the side which has cut edge of the folded paper on the right.
Now hold the pleats altogether carefully and cut it. Do not cut along the folds.
3. Unfold the cutout and see the wonderful paper doll chain that you’ve made.
4. Design and cut some dresses for the dolls out of colored paper. Add sequins, buttons, stars as you like.
5. Make some hairstyles on brown paper and cut them and add it to your dolls as well. You can even use black paper for hair.
6. Use crayons for making facial features and coloring shoes.

Your Paper Doll Chain is ready. Use them to play or decorate your child’s room.
You can design a chain of hearts, flowers, dinosaurs, cars or even spaceships in the same way. Keep the creativity flowing as per your child’s interests.

We have made a quick video while Eira was making her doll chain.

Hope you like it!

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