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I for Illustrator’s Art

Children’s books these days have crossed every horizon and show every dream that a child can dream of! Not only children but even adults are addicted to reading these storybooks over and over again. I myself am guilty of it! They not only have amazing stories but also so much to learn and see. Like the author’s words, an illustrator’s art is also important and influential. Bringing the words to life and elucidating them through drawings in a way that kids can relate to it and even imagine being a part of it. I’m sure you have come across kids who will want to read one book over and over again. The words and the illustrations have both worked their magic on that child, you see.

How can we not try our hands on our favorite illustrator’s work?

Illustrator Axel Scheffler

One such illustrator is Axel Scheffler. He is a German illustrator and animator based in London. An award winning, internationally acclaimed illustrator with some of the most well-loved children’s books. His books have been published in many languages and his work has been exhibited all around the world. The Gruffalo, The Gruffalo’s child, Room on the Broom and Superworm are some of his best known work.

Superworm – Illustrated by Axel Scheffler
Eira’s attempt to Axel Scheffler’s illustration from Superworm. This image belongs to and reuse is strictly prohibited.

Eira always chooses his illustrations to draw when asked to draw from books. This is one of our favorite activities to unwind at the end of the day.

Charlie Cook’s favourite book – Illustrated by Axel Scheffler. This image belongs to and reuse is strictly prohibited.
Eira’s sketch from The Gruffalo illustrated by Axel Scheffler. This image belongs to and reuse is strictly prohibited.

All you need is your child’s favourite books and some colors. That’s it!

When planning to do this activity, let your child decide which illustrator, which book and which particular drawing they would like to give a try. You will be surprised by their choices and their drawings. This activity is a great way to enhance their drawing skills, color choices and using them on paper.

Illustrator Rob Biddulph

Another amazing illustrator that we cannot miss to mention but came to know only during lockdown 2020 is Rob Biddulph (also an author). When the pandemic was on the rise, schools were closed and kids were at home and parents were going crazy looking for activities to plan for their kids. Keeping this in mind, Rob Biddulph started a draw-along video series called #Drawwithrob twice a week. These drawings were from his very own books and the videos became very popular garnering millions of views. On 21 May 2020, he broke the Guinness World Record for the largest online art lesson when 45,611 participants drew a whale with him.

#DrawwithRob series by Eira. This image belongs to and reuse is strictly prohibited.

For us, Sundays were #DrawwithRob day during lockdown. It enhanced her skills immeasurably.

#DrawwithRob series by Eira. This image belongs to and reuse is strictly prohibited.
#DrawwithRob series by Eira. This image belongs to and reuse is strictly prohibited.

Definitely recommend his series which is available on his website and also on Youtube.

#DrawwithRob series by Eira. This image belongs to and reuse is strictly prohibited.

Do try Illustrator’s art activity with your kids and I’m sure they are going love it!

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H For Holiday Home – Get Crafty #BlogchatterA2Z

When I was thinking about what activity to plan for this letter, Eira said H is for home and then the idea occured to me. I asked Eira what would your holiday home look like? Anything you want can be in that home. Your holiday, your home, your plan!!

She loved the idea and started thinking all that she wanted in her holiday home. She took a couple of days and then gave me a list of things she wanted.

She loves the world under water, so I was not surprised to see it being a part of her holiday home. Let’s see what supplies she asked for.

Stickers according to the chosen theme
Any other material that your child choses.

There are no instructions to adhere to as it is supposed to be your child’s holiday home.

This image belongs to and reuse is strictly prohibited

Eira’s holiday home will have a mermaid friend, sea creatures who will play slide and reside in a pool.
What a perfect holiday home right!

Ask your child what their holiday home would be like? A pet dinosaur in the garden playing fetch, a spaceship landing on the roof or living underwater in a submarine?
Let their imagination run wild…

We have made a quick video of Eira’s holiday home.

Hope you like it!

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F for Flipbook – Get Crafty #BlogchatterA2Z

A flipbook is an early form of animation that paved the way for many improvements in animation that we see on-screen today. It is a small book of drawings showing a series of pictures in progression form of movement so when the pages are flipped, they animate a scene and create an illusion of movement.

Flipbooks are hand-drawn and also digitally printed. They create the same effect and show a story or a scene. Flipbook animation has been around for over 150 years. Pierre-Hubert Desvignes created a version of the flipbook around 1860, though John Barnes Linnett, a British lithograph printer, was the first to patent the design. Linnett’s flipbook debuted in 1868 and was called the kineograph, which is Latin for “moving picture.”

Usually index cards are used as they provide the stiffness needed for easy flipping but sticky notes can be used as well. If trying to make our of paper, we have tried and tested it and they do not flip that well.

Sticky notes 20-25
Pencil and eraser
Black pen
Light source

Let’s get started
1. Light source is a device used by professionals to place their cards and draw as the image progresses. The light reflecting through the paper makes it easy to be seen on the next paper placed over it and draw the next proceeding image. We did not have a light source and neither did I plan to buy it. So we tried a DIY for it too. Under a glass table, we placed a mobile phone with the flashlight turned on which reflects ample of light. Eira was able to see through well as you can see in the video. You can even use your windows and place the sticky notes on them and keep drawing.

DIY light source for FlipBook
This video belongs to and reuse is strictly prohibited.

2. Using the sticky notes, it becomes easier to start flipping from the bottom so your first image will be on the bottom most sticky note.
3. Rest of the sticky notes will be bent backwards. Now place the next sticky note on top the earlier one. Due to the light source, you can see how the drawing on the earlier note looks like and now draw a little further in your story.
4. Keep repeating this until you finish your story. I have mentioned only 20-25 notes considering kids. Once they master it, they can use the whole sticky notepad.
5. You can add some colors to make it more interesting.
6. Tape around the sticky base of the notes to secure them well.

Your FlipBook is ready. Your child will be super excited to see the story flipping in bits and parts.

Eira tried and tested many flipbooks with pieces of paper, sticky notes and different stories. The flipbook shared above is named “Blooming Life”.

The second FlipBook is called “Love makes us happy”.

“Love makes us happy” FlipBook
This video belongs to and reuse is strictly prohibited.

Hope you enjoy it!

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D For Doll Chain – Get Crafty #BlogchatterA2Z

For D we have one of the most interesting craft. I remember making it during my school days. We used to color them and decorate our desks and classroom. I asked Eira what would she like to do with her doll chain and she decided to dress up and accessorize them. It turned out to be a very interesting activity.

So let’s see how to make a doll chain.

White chart paper
Colored craft paper for dresses
Black/brown craft paper for doll’s hair
Sequins, stars, buttons whatever a child would like for accessorizing

Let’s get started
1. Use white chart paper to make the doll chain. We have to make a accordion pleats with it. Make sure the breadth is good enough to draw dolls on them.
2. Draw dolls on the side which has cut edge of the folded paper on the right.
Now hold the pleats altogether carefully and cut it. Do not cut along the folds.
3. Unfold the cutout and see the wonderful paper doll chain that you’ve made.
4. Design and cut some dresses for the dolls out of colored paper. Add sequins, buttons, stars as you like.
5. Make some hairstyles on brown paper and cut them and add it to your dolls as well. You can even use black paper for hair.
6. Use crayons for making facial features and coloring shoes.

Your Paper Doll Chain is ready. Use them to play or decorate your child’s room.
You can design a chain of hearts, flowers, dinosaurs, cars or even spaceships in the same way. Keep the creativity flowing as per your child’s interests.

We have made a quick video while Eira was making her doll chain.

Hope you like it!

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Theme Reveal- Get Crafty #BlogchatterA2Z

Last year I participated in #MyFriendAlexa for the first time and formed a long lasting relationship with Blogchatter. It helped me realise my potential as I could plan and write 8 blogs within the month of October 2020.

Blogchatter’s new campaign is here which is more challenging and I’ve braced myself up again. #BlogchatterA2Z has 26 blogs to be written within the month of April. Each day of April is assigned a letter which needs to be used in your title and blog. Sundays have been excused to get your thinking gears rested and keep churning further writing ideas. Write your blogs, read and engage with fellow bloggers and grow with them is what its going to be all about. The fun part is that each blogger is coming up with an interesting theme for their collection of 26 blogs and here I am to share my theme with you all.

Schools have taken a break as kids have finished their exams and are getting ready to be promoted into their next grades. A few days of school and kids will have their summer break when even online classes will go on halt and parents have to tap into their creativity to keep them busy. While I was still thinking on what my theme should be, my girl had finished her exams and declared that she wanted me to spend some time exploring arts and crafts with her. That’s when I decided that my theme is going to be around this idea and Eira jumped in with a YES when I asked her to help me out.

Our theme for #BlogchatterA2Z is “Get Crafty”
We are going to share lots of fun and easy crafts, paintings and other ideas which will be easy to do with your kids while having lots of fun.

Being crafty involves a lot of hand-eye co-ordination and imagination while using scissor skills and finger grasps all of which are excellent for kids. No matter whether you have a toddler or an older child, all these ideas are definitely going to help them in their essential development while taking you on a memory ride into your own childhood.

So stay tuned with us from 1st to 30th of April and get your creativity flowing…