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W For Wayne Thiebaud’ Art – Get Crafty #BlogchatterA2Z

Wayne Thiebaud is an American painter popularly known for his foodart. Cakes, pies, icecream cones, doughnuts and all that you could find in diners and cafeterias in 1960s have all been painted excellently by him.

Wayne Thiebaud.
Image courtesy Google.

I’m sure every child who will work on his art will love him. Me and Eira got a craving when we went through all his paintings.

Wayne Thiebaud’s painting.
Image courtesy Google.
Wayne Thiebaud’s painting.
Image courtesy Google.

He used heavy color pigments for the subjects of his paintings and always had shadows included in his work.

Wayne Thiebaud’s painting.
Image courtesy Google.

There were so many to chose from but from the point of view of a 7-year old trying to work inspired from him, Eira chose the “Lemon cake” painting.

Lemon Cake by Wayne Thiebaud.
Image courtesy Google.

Drawing paper
Oil pastels
Pencil and eraser
Tissues or q-tips for blending

Let’s get started
The best way to work on inspired art is to leave the child with the picture of it and let them recreate it on their own. Let them recognise the colors, if the colors are double tone that means they have used two colors and blended them. Maybe the child will want to change one of the colors and use their own which is ok as they are running their own imagination. Working on oil pastels gives a good color of the picture as well as helps in blending.

Lemon cake by Eira inspired by Wayne Thiebaud. This image belongs to and reuse is strictly prohibited.

Eira did change some colors as you can see and still her work turned out wonderful. The best part is that she enjoyed working on it.

Hope your child will enjoy getting inspired from Wayne Thiebaud as well.

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