Unusual Foods Around The World

Human species is weird! Don’t you think?? Some munch on veggies while some are complete meat lovers. While there are some extreme vegetarians like lacto vegetarians, ova vegetarians and vegans, what would meat lovers be categorized into!!

Meat lovers go to extents that even I didn’t imagine. Be their reasons for nutrition or just the lingering taste. They do go beyond some limits that atleast I never knew of. So let’s dive into some of their unusual foods…

Nido Soup

This soup is all the way from Phillipines. One of their most expensive delicacies I must say! Would you pay $6600 for a kilogram of a bird’s nest? Yes you read it right! A swiftlet bird’s nest will cost you that much and that is what makes the Nido Soup known famously as Edible Bird’s Nest. This bird has very tiny legs and making its nest with sticks and straws is impossible so it uses its saliva to make its home. The hardened saliva nest is then plucked form it’s place and then used to make Nido Soup. This soup is considered to have properties that can fight cancer and many other diseases. These birds also reside in India. Soup Photo by Ponyo Sakana from Pexels.

Chicken feet

Photo from Google

Considering the fact that chicken feet is consumed in India as well, this food cannot be much weird. It is widely consumed in East Asia, Carribean, South America and South Africa.

100 year old egg

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This egg is not that old but definitely kept dipped away for a few months in clay, ash and quicklime. Its said to be rotten with time. The yolk is darkened to green or black and the white turns translucent brown. You will also find variants in the recipe.


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Sakura means Cherry blossoms. The beautiful flowers in Japan which are are customorily celebrated as Hanami festival all over the country. Do not consider that Sakuraniku has to do something with those gorgeous flowers. Sakuraniku is horse meat. It’s gets the name due to the pink color of the meat. It is an expensive delicacy in Japan. This meat is consumed raw and is lov d so much that you even get an ice-cream flavor of the same. It is also consumed in other parts of Asia and Europe.


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These are widely consumed in France and are served as an appetizer. Purged from their shells, the snails are cooked to perfection with white wine, garlic butter or chicken stock. It is a gourmet dish in France and is said to taste similar to mussels and clams.

Dried Seahorse

Photo by Christian Bisbo Johnsen from Unsplash

Seahorses are dried and are readily available in pharmacies in China. It is said to have medicinal properties. A high grade seahorse costs around $3000 per kilogram.

There are many other unsusal foods like chicken foetus within eggs and bugs like spiders and worms consumed all around the world. With global warming, population rise, extinction of regular edible foods and many such factors, it is being researched and said that there will come a time when humans ready to eat whatever available will survive.

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