How to take your child to the Pediatrician during Pandemic

Pandemic or not, Pediatrician’s visit cannot be avoided. Changes in weather or a stomach bug can get you there. Even vaccinations need to be given to our infants and kids in due time. They should never be avoided. A little bit of delay might not hurt but your pediatrician’s advice is what you should follow. But how do you make sure that your kids are traveling safely and do not get infected. Going out for us is a job in itself these days. The safety measures, the elbow touch and the disinfection after coming back home. Too many things that a baby won’t understand and has to be made easier on us to handle.

I wana share some safety steps that help me out a lot.

1. Mask up.
Mask has become an essential in the current day. You and your older kid can wear masks. They should be instructed in the proper ways of wearing mask and that it should not be removed or touched at all.

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2. Sanitizer in your pockets.
A sanitizer should always be handy even with your kid. We follow a rule of “No Touch” with my daughter. So when we go out, she goes into that mode, where she does not touch the lift doors, lift buttons, car door or the doors at the doctor’s chambers. These kind of rules can be set up and explained to kids on a regular basis. Sanitize together for them to get a hang of it as they might tend to forget as they do not step out on a regular basis.

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3. Wear your baby
Baby carriers are the best these days. My son is very fidgety and is a baby who wants to touch and mouth everything he sees and finds so I find it best to wear him in our Aseema carrier from Soulsling India which makes it easier for me to handle him and my daughter at the same time while keeping my hands free for safety purposes.

4. Wear a scarf/feeding cover
A scarf or a feeding cover will help you easily cover your baby since little ones cannot wear masks but covering them is equally important.

5. Surface sanitization at the chambers
Doctor’s are following the guidelines of disinfecting the surfaces where they place the child for check up but to be extra sure, you can opt to hold the child in your arms during check up and vaccination or take a shawl or a bed runner and lay it before you place your child there. After its done, bring it back home and don’t forget to sanitize that too.

6. Take a shower
Make sure you and your baby take a shower after coming back home. One of the most important things and even for the baby, even though you wore him the whole time.

Nowadays, doctor’s advice to get help online unless medication cannot be done at home or is a vaccination. Get a list of general medicine for fever, cough, cold etc from your pediatrician and use them after online consultation.

Stay Home Stay Safe

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30 thoughts on “How to take your child to the Pediatrician during Pandemic

  1. Very insightful posts, much needed at this hour. Hospitals/clinic are the only places where we can not avoid to visit for longer if not anything then for kids vaccination you have to make a visit at certain period of interval. Thanks for sharing.

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  2. This is a helpful post while visiting a doctor in these difficult times. We had taken our son for vaccination with all these precautions and thankfully doctor was also allowing only patient at a time with a gap of few minutes between his appointments.

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  3. I recently had the same discussion with a fellow friends who was being little skeptical in taking kid to the pediatrician. I told her all these points. We cannot miss kids appointments but we can take extra care of sanitizing.

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  4. Brilliant post! I am so glad you chose to write about this. Babies are susceptible to so many infections and COVID19 is a deadly addition to the list. Thank you for writing this useful post. I have shared this post with all the new mothers in my circle.

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  5. These are great tips seema and I agree we need to take care of every fine aspect of sanitization during these days of pandemic. Thanks for sharing all detail precaution.

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  6. I think staying home during the pandemic would be a better idea than taking the vaccinations that can be taken later too. Don’t worry and all will be well.

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  7. Very apt post. Small kiss can’t miss their visits to the paediatrician for vaccination. One should keep in mind all those tips which you mentioned. Precaution is always better than cure.

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  8. Your pointers are very much helpful. I am also visiting the pediatrician for my little one’s vaccination. We just need to take precautions to avoid the infection.

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  9. Vaccination is due for my little one, shall follow all these instructions when I am visiting the doctor. Getting appointment and being there for short span of time is also pointer I am going to follow.

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  10. These are some amazing tips Seema. I had taken Ayaansh to the pediatrician earlier this month and we actually followed these steps. He was elated to step out after 6-7 months, but then we made sure that he follows the no-touch policy too. masks have become essential too. I was actually wondering about how do I get my little one home after my delivery. Your post has given me the idea of babywearing. Let me check the options out.

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  11. That’s a great topic. I have been really scared to take my kids out … Even to the pediatrician. Luckily, no one really fell sick. Smaller issues were taken care of by online consultation and pictures on whatsapp ☺️

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