Tilache ladoo (Sesame seeds laddoo)

Tilache ladoo is a traditional sweet made during Makar Sankrant and shared with everyone it the special day with the words saying “Tilgul ghya, God god bola…” meaning have the til ladoos and speak sweetly just like they taste. This powerful seed other than having a distinct nutty flavor is a powerhouse of organic minerals… Continue reading Tilache ladoo (Sesame seeds laddoo)

3Rs To Love Our Mother Nature

Our Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi got the prestigious Global Goalkeeper Award for the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan from Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. India has definitely improved its sanitisation coverage but we still have a poor waste management infrastructure. We can help manage waste right from where it all starts and that is our home.… Continue reading 3Rs To Love Our Mother Nature

Adios 2020 by little ones

We reached the end of 2019 with much pomp and joy as we had a new member in our family. My son who was born in October. With great plans and hopes, started the year 2020. The Christening of my son was into planning phase as my husband was out of India for work and… Continue reading Adios 2020 by little ones

Coke Chicken Wings

For my last blog on #MyFriendAlexa I’m going to share an appetizer that will be ready in no time and will leave your family finger-licking for sure. Kids will especially love it as this chicken appetizer will be mildly on the sweet side just like Teriyaki Chicken. People who own a proper BBQ prepare it… Continue reading Coke Chicken Wings

Unusual Foods Around The World

Human species is weird! Don’t you think?? Some munch on veggies while some are complete meat lovers. While there are some extreme vegetarians like lacto vegetarians, ova vegetarians and vegans, what would meat lovers be categorized into!! Meat lovers go to extents that even I didn’t imagine. Be their reasons for nutrition or just the… Continue reading Unusual Foods Around The World

Ever Wondered Of Food Phobias!

Phobia is an extreme fear of a certain thing for some people which can send a shiver down their spine or result in a panic attack. But did you know that there are phobias related to food as well. Phobias are completely different than allergies. These food phobias are developed as a result of a… Continue reading Ever Wondered Of Food Phobias!

Food Challenge – Patoli

When I was choosing themes for #MyFriendAlexa , I asked my family to help with a few blog topics. My husband came up with Food Challenge. “Make a sweet recipe using a green” he said. I liked the idea but then was puzzled at what should I make for it. My mom-in-law came to my… Continue reading Food Challenge – Patoli


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