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How To Protect Children Below 2 Years From Seasonal Flu?

I recently attended a Facebook Live Session with Dr. Sadanand Shetye and Dr. Mangesh Tiwaskar where they spoke extensively on seasonal flu. So, I thought it would be great if I could share some of my learnings with my readers. The scorching sun has given way to the rains and with the onset of the… Continue reading How To Protect Children Below 2 Years From Seasonal Flu?

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The 10-Toys Rule And How It Can Benefit Your Child

A perfect gift for a child is mostly a toy so you definitely cannot avoid them completely. They keep children busy but too many of them bring on a sense of overwhelm too. Children having too many toys have been linked to difficulty in focusing on one task, behavioural issues, less meaningful experiences and language delay. They even face emotional disconnect. So I’ve got the perfect solution for you, “The 10-Toy Rule”.

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10 Best Bollywood Movies To Watch With Your Kids

Kids still being home and studying online gives them alot of free time. Watching screens has become unavoidable unless a parent is ready to be involved all the time or enroll them into some or the other forms of classes to keep them engaged. After watching most of the animated movies and TV shows, when… Continue reading 10 Best Bollywood Movies To Watch With Your Kids

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Knock Knock Let’s Talk – What To Say When You’re Expecting For Baby’s Mental Wellness By Dr. Ankita Marjadi

The connection between the mother and her foetus is very crucial. Interaction between them on a daily basis should be given utmost importance. But what if a mother struggles to talk to her unborn baby? What if she is not able to express her feelings in the right words? It sometimes does get overwhelming as it is an important part for the unborn child’s mental health. So I had a chat with Dr Ankita Marjadi, the author of the book “Knock Knock Let’s Talk”. A book that pours your heart and soul into words that you would say want to say to your baby.