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B for Bubble Wrap Art – Get Crafty #BlogchatterA2Z

Give your child a sheet of bubble wrap and they will forget the world around them. You will be able to enjoy your cup of tea/coffee during that time. The squishy, bubbly sheet offers a great texture and the popping sound that comes when it’s pressed is enjoyed even by adults, isn’t it?

Image Courtesy Pexels

It offers great sensory play and Provides hand-eye co-ordination. It can be used in multiple crafts and art for toddlers as well as kids. They also are being used in quiet/busy books made by Moms.

Fun facts about bubble wrap
It was designed to be wallpaper fifty years ago but it turned out to be a great packaging material. It was then called Air Cap.
According to research, one minute of popping bubble wrap can reduce stress levels by as much as 33%. It is equal to a 33-minute of professional massage. Popping bubble wrap helps relax that muscle tension. It reduces stress and anxiety. In fact, studies have shown that, sometimes, the human brain receives feel-good chemicals like dopamine after popping bubble wrap. So that may be why it feels so satisfying!
There is a day dedicated to bubble wrap called Bubble Wrap® Appreciation Day which falls on the last Monday of every January.
The best fact of all, bubble wrap made it to the National Toy Hall of Fame finals in 2016 against some extraordinary contenders.

So today we are going to make an art project with bubble wrap.

Bubble wrap sheet
Paint colors
Old toothbrush
Sheet of black chart paper/drawing paper (We chose a maroon one)

Let’s get started
1. Draw and cut different sized circles of bubble wrap. Draw them on the opposite side of the bubble wrap to get the markings clear. You can try different shapes too.
2. Decide the colors you want to use in your art. Eira used combinations of light-dark colors together. for example, Light green and dark green together, red and pink together, yellow and chrome together.
3. Paint one piece of bubble wrap at a time and then place them on the drawing paper. Now I’m sharing a tip here from our experience during the project. Do not dab the paint with the bubble wrap and then rush to rip it off. Place it at the desired position and just leave it there while you work on the remaining. This allows ample time for the paint to shift from the bubble wrap onto the paper with the markings of the bubble wrap.
4. Work onto the other pieces of bubble wrap, paint them and position them. Then slowly start ripping off the bubble wrap, in the exact sequence that you placed them. This allows the later ones to dry out too.
5. Start working on the trunk and branches of the tree with white paint and brush.
6. Once it is all done, dip an old toothbrush in white paint and spray it all over the artwork to give it an extraordinary look. Let it dry for a while.

This image belongs to and reuse is strictly prohibited.

Your Bubble wrap art is ready.

We have made a quick video while Eira was working on this art.

Hope you enjoy it!

This post is part of Blogchatter’s challenge #BlogchatterA2Z.

2 thoughts on “B for Bubble Wrap Art – Get Crafty #BlogchatterA2Z

  1. This is so cool. I loved bursting bubble wrap myself. I have hidden bubble wraps as my kid was in the phase of putting everything in the mouth/teething. Now I can give it a try! Thanks for the post,hopefully it will keep him engaged for a while.

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