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We all need vitamins and minerals like iron, calcium, and Vitamin C for our bodies to function efficiently. And for this, our diet should include a lot of veggies, fruits, whole grains, proteins, and good fats. But not everyone can eat this healthful meal regularly which leads to their body not meeting the nutritional requirements.

A person’s body cannot produce everything that is required to function effectively. Dietary sources are required to fulfil this need. The nutrients are divided into 2 parts, micronutrients and macronutrients.

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What are micro and macronutrients?

Micronutrients are required in small doses like vitamins and minerals while macronutrients are needed in larger doses like carbohydrates, water, protein, and fats.

As our age progresses, our body requirements change. Also, it differs based on lifestyle and gender.

What determines your body’s need for vitamins?

Men and women

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Like men have a heavier body frame in terms of height and weight, their need for calories is more compared to that of women. However, women have more requirements for vitamins, minerals, and folic acid. The menstrual cycle and childbearing make women more susceptible to weak bones. Thus, making the need for calcium higher for them. Also, with monthly blood loss, women have a high risk of anemia-iron deficiency, making their iron requirement more than that of men. While pregnant, a woman needs more folic acid.3

Babies and toddlers

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When a baby is under 6 months, it gets all its vitamins and nutrients through breast milk. But in the 1st year, the baby grows in height and weight and to meet the increased nutritional needs, solid food is introduced post 6 months. For a young child, the food requirement changes due to daily activity.

Older people

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While old people eat less as they age, it makes it difficult to know if they are getting enough nutrients from their meals. Menopausal women suffer from thinning of bones due to hormonal changes which makes calcium-rich food a must in their diet.

How to get the right amount of nutrients in your body?

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To attain the nutrient levels of the body, one needs to consume
A wide variety of vitamins
Lots of water
Essential fatty acids
Minerals like iron, zinc and calcium

Everyone is unique and has a different diet need. And while we all try to maintain a healthy diet, there are chances that one doesn’t get all the required vitamins and minerals daily. That is when supplements come in to help.

Vitabiotics, UK’s number 1 vitamin that is now available in India, offers you to take a 3 step supplement selector and in 3 easy steps, it understands your nutritional need and recommends the vitamin supplement that’s specially designed for your body’s needs.

Perfectil by Vitabiotics

We all want to look the best when it comes to our appearance and health. Supplements help us with getting the needed nutrients in the right amount.

Vitabiotics makes sure what you consume is good for one’s health to boost internal and external goodness. Hence with a team of experts it has designed “Perfectil” to enhance beauty from within. With over 20 micronutrients like biotin, zinc and selenium, Perfectil is designed to complement one’s hair and skincare routine. The supplement has no artificial colors, preservatives, lactose, gelatin and is not tested on animals. Just one tablet after a main meal will do the work for you. Perfectil has no known side effects. Results vary per person but generally build over a few weeks.

It’s ultimate for perfect beauty and skin care. Their tagline says the science of healthy living and I love that they use available research and innovation to design their products.

So yes, we need vitamins to be healthy and supplements are a great way to augment what your body may not acquire from the food you eat alone.

Disclaimer: While Supplements are good for health, it’s always advised to consult your doctor before use.



  1. Vitamins are necessary for everyone, though the requirements vary based on age. As we grow older, we may not get the required vitamins, and hence supplements are required.


  2. The vitamins and minerals our body needs to work properly, are difficult to be found in our everyday diet. A good supplement is needed to bridge the gap.


  3. Earlier a balanced diet was all what we needed. But now what we are consuming has absolutely no guarantee. Even the so called and labelled organic doesn’t really guarantee that the food stuff is loaded with antioxidants. Hence the need of external consumption of vitamins and minerals.


  4. Very well said, vitamins, mineral even micro nutrients, our bodyneed balanced diet to keep functioning. And with such supplements we can easily fill for any nutritional gap


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