Foodie are you? Which one?

Food is everywhere and is important for all of us. Many of us love to travel to places to try their aunthentic dishes while some love to relish their pizzas every weekend while binge-watching Netflix. Some just recognise the the fish being prepared in the kitchen by its mere smell while some will not let anyone touch it without taking a photo for their social media accounts. Some love eating out while others cook at home from scratch.

We all have a foodie within us and we definitely do not fall under one category. Let’s find out which type of a foodie are you…

  • Food Over Everything Foodie
    Let’s start with the worshippers of food. Food is above and beyond everything for these foodies. Food foe them is divine and they can go on and on about it. As if they do not have any life beyond that or rather don’t want any. They will choose food over everything and everyone and know how to relish food in the best possible way.
Photo by Valeria Boltneva from Pexels
  • The Sophisticated Eaters
    These foodies survive on salads. They might even invent salads and dressings of their own if it comes to it. Always counting calories and dare you take the name of pizza or burger in front of them. They might gain weight just at the sight of it and will not let you eat it as well. Don’t you hate dining with such people?? I mean who would give up on a pizza! Ever!!
Photo by Daria Shevtsova from Pexels
  • The Midnight Foodie
    Their food clock strikes at midnight. They just can’t resist those food accidents in the middle of the night. As if food keeps luring them towards it like sirens. And mind you, those snaccidents won’t be anything healthy… Maybe a bar of chocolate or a slice of pizza and sometimes even a whole tub of ice-cream. If no one sees me eat it that means it has no calories!
Photo by Kristina Paukshtite from Pexels
  • The Blogger Foodie
    You dare touch anything before some pictures are clicked by this foodie and all hell will break loose. They go all paparazzi on their food. They are always on the lookout for foods and drinks that are Instagrammable. Their phones and social media pages will be full of food pictures. You might have to get into a habit of eating cold food with this foodie.
Photo by Helena Lopes from Pexels
  • Just One Bite Foodie.
    This foodie believes that food is always tastier in other’s plate. They are always confused as what to eat and will end up tasting just one bite from everyone. As they say, grass is alway green on the other side and this foodie completely falls into that. But does one bite truly mean just one bite??

  • The Emotional Eater
    This foodie just needs a happy or a sad moment to eat food. I’m happy so let’s celebrate! Which place nice should we head out for??!!! I’m so sad! I’m allowed to eat, burger, fries, pizza, chips, nachos with a side of coke and a tub of icecream. Let me drown my sadness into food and only food.
Photo by Valeria Boltneva from Pexels
  • The Food Artist
    This foodie can make anything look delicious. They truly believe that food is an experience and should not be taken lightly. They can change an ordinary everyday meal to an amazing and delightful experience through sight. They can make fussy eaters dance to their tune with their food art.
Photo by DapurMelodi from Pexels
  • The DIY Foodie
    This foodie has a laboratory for a kitchen. They will have almost all the ingredients available and will live to experiment on food. Even a normal Pav bhaji will have some twist of their own. They will never be happy at spending in restaurants and the final comment will always be, I could have made this at home. They might even be snobbish at times complaining about the sauce served or the stir fry being soggy. Ask them to cook anything from any part of the world and they will have it ready in no time and that will make them feel on top of the world.
Photo by DapurMelodi from Pexels
  • The Fast Foodie
    We all have a little part of this foodie in us. No matter what time of the day it is, they just want to have junk food. They might even rely on one and only one kind of junk food when they dine at restaurants. You might have come across those pizza lovers. No matter where they are, they only want to have pizza. Mostly with extra… extra cheese!!
Photo by Lum3n from Pexels
  • “What’s for meal” Foodie
    This foodie will always have one question to ask. What’s for breakfast/ lunch/dinner? Knowing what is being prepared makes them excited and they just can’t wait to relish that. They even enjoy home-cooked meals and can make sudden plans to head out if the menu disappoints them.

I’m a midnight foodie and an emotional eater. I might even fall into “What’s for meal” category if my Mom is around. I’m sure we all have this foodie in us.
Which type of foodie are you??
Do share in the comments below.

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