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Looking back in time, food has always played a role when it comes to art. Cave men during Stone age times, used vegetable and fruit juices and animal fats to bind their paints. Archaeologists have found that Egyptians drew picture of crops and bread on the walls of the pyramids. They believed that through magical properties they nourished the souls who moved onto the after life.
During the Renaissance, Giuseppe Arcimboldo, a painter for the Habsburg court in Vienna, and later, for the Royal Court in Prague, painted whimsical puzzle-like portraits in which facial features were composed of fruits, vegetables, and flowers. But I perceived food art only when I came on Instagram.

On a special occasion in recent times, my daughter made us some heart shaped sandwiches with jam filling and topped them with candied fruit. Something that she had learnt in school in the past two years. Nutrition week was also here and Eira had to create a fruit or vegetable art for school and we tried to come up with something. It got me thinking that since she loves to do these special gestures quite often it would be good to introduce her to something more creative and healthier.

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I can get away with some form of drawing or crafts but not when it comes to creating something with food and I could think of no one better than Sonam to help me out in this!

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Sonam Jain is a mom of a 3.5 year old boy, a food artist by passion and a parenting blogger, well known as Themagicplatter .

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As an MBA Graduate, she worked as a rural marketer understanding the consumer psyche of her audiences. It was then she realized the creative side in her and started crafting food in an interesting manner for her nephew giving birth to food art. After working for 7 years she got married and decided to enjoy the perks of motherhood. Her foodscapes are a sight and every child is drawn to the food she serves.

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“I too have a fussy eater and I decided to educate and help moms of fussy eaters by sharing insights on picky eating and how to overcome the phase. I strongly believe parenting in modern era needs a lot of changes. And it’s important for us to learn a little about of parenting along with following our gut instinct since our environment, social circle demands it with so much to learn as a parent it’s important to nurture relationship and build enriching experiences for your little ones. For my son and for the cause that I believe in, I decided to nurture my creative side. I am know for my foodart skills where I create colorful, attractive and whimsical platter for kids. Each plate of mine will tell you a story and make meal time fun for kids” , says Sonam.

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I talked to Sonam and she immediately agreed to teach Eira how to create some magic into her own plate. We decided to do a live session and share it with our Instafamily. We used bread, apple, carrots, cucumber, peanut butter, chocolate sauce, cranberries and blueberries and some sev/ragi oats to make this food art.

When the session was over, Eira was ecstatic. She could see that Sonam had created a food art that was just like her. A happy child. Eira enjoyed it a lot while learning that something special and so creative can be made using healthy food.

With this post I am taking my blog to the next level with Blogchatter’s #MyFriendAlexa and you can find all my posts for the theme “Food love” under the hashtag #seemabwrites .

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29 thoughts on “Be the artist – Learning Food Art

  1. Food art is a fantastic way to get kids drawn towards food. While I’ve nt tried such art, I do make small puris cut in shapes of beards, dogs, stars and butterfly and my kids really enjoy them.

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  2. Wow, Thankyou so much for walking us through the journey of ‘Food Art’. It is indeed an amazing form of learning activity for children. Really loved the pictures.

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  3. If you cant make them eat…make them fall in love with the way it looks and the art of decorating it. Whether making or presenting…food is an art. Interesting and a delicious post. Love the tiny one’s smile. May God bless her. keep the good work going.

    #MyFriendAlexa #ContemplationOfaJoker #Jokerophilia

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  4. This is just so wonderful. I know Sonam & have followed her work. My daughter has taken fancy to cooking during the lockdown, I think I am going to show her Sonam’s work so she can learn some art of plating from her.

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  5. Wow, this is one mad genre. The food art looks so good. Also yes many ancient symbols have food art too. Thanks for letting us know about this art!

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